Thursday, May 29, 2008

free downy ball

As silly as this sounds, I like to go through and read my old posts. I find them rather amusing. Expecially the one that talks about me letting myself go. Haha it's more true now than it was when I posted it. I'm sitting at work right now and it feels like I have a rubber tire around my waste. I believe in the weight loss world that is referred to as a "spare tire". I can definitely spare it. So that's just an update on my "letting myself go"ness. That's so not a word.

I usually only blog when something funny has happened to me. Nothing all that funny has happened to me as of late hence the lack of posts. If I did blog everyday this is what it would look like: "I'm at work again...just sitting...feeling the spare tire around my waste expand. Oh, a bird just smacked into the window. It'll probably die. Stupid birds." That's pretty much how most of my days go. Anyway, so that's why I can only write when something hilarious/embarrassing happens to me because otherwise my blog would be a boring blog and that is not acceptable.

So the other night Evan was doing laundry. He noticed that we had fabric softener, which I inherited from my sister when she was cleaning out her apartment, and decided to use it. I had noticed on prior occasions of doing laundry that there was a downy ball (used for dispensing fabric softener) that had fallen beside the wall and the washer. I had thought about trying to retrieve the ball, but was hindered by the spare tire that is currently growing around my waste (refer to beginning of blog for spare tire reference). Ok, the spare tire hindering me isn't entirely true. When I attempted to retrieve the ball I discovered that it was lodged between the wall and the washer. I was not expecting this and thus gave up quickly. So when I saw Evan using the fabric softener I told him about the downy ball. He got a random strip of metal and tried to dislodge the ball. He was unsuccessful. Evan suggested using a hanger, so I grabbed one and started trying to loop the hook of the hanger around the loop of the downy ball. This didn't work. I finally was able to bend down and grasp the hook of the hanger and another part of the hanger and pull the downy ball up. I was ecstatic, mostly because I think Evan had given up hope of scoring a free downy ball. I, on the other hand, remained valiant in my efforts. (I really was excited!)

This probably isn't the funniest post I've ever written. I work 8 hours a day and don't really have an exciting life. What do you expect?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Daisypath Anniversary Years PicDaisypath Anniversary Years Ticker

How cute is this thing?! Yes, I found it while I was at work.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

"please return your seats and tray tables to their upright and locked position"

I really don't like flying. I know it's supposed to be safer than driving, but there's something about boarding a large metal bird and flying thousands of miles above land that makes me a little nervous. Maybe it's because I watch LOST and the images of people being sucked out of the back of a plane that has broken in half and falling into the ocean are burned into my brain. Anyway so flying is not my favorite thing to do. My husband and I were flying back from Virginia and we were landing in Denver and then on to Salt Lake. Of course there was a storm and the captain told us that it might get bumpy. As the plane descended through the storm there was a lot of turbulence. At one point the plane dipped down really fast. I grabbed my husband and buried my head into his shirt. The other passengers reacted by saying, "Wooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" It wasn't the good woah when you are having the time of your life on a roller coaster. It was the type of woah when you think, "We're gonna die, we're gonna die, we're gonna die." Well at least that's what I was thinking. Of course Evan laughs at me for being so scared and the guy next to him is looking at me like I'm crazy. Maybe he was looking at me like that because he felt the same way and wished it was socially acceptable for him to react the way I was reacting. So we finally land but then we took off again twenty minutes later. So flying is still not something I want to do for a while.

On a lighter note, my husband stole my pillow last night...and I was sleeping on it! Usually after I get up he'll take it and use it along with his pillow. But last night Evan rolled over and pulled my pillow out from under my head. Of course this woke me up and I had to take it back. Of course he doesn't remember this and I swear it wasn't a dream. I'm 98% sure that it wasn't a dream. It was pretty hilarious.