Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yuletide, 2 years, and panty hose

This year was a Christmas of firsts:

1. First Christmas not spent in Virginia
2. First Christmas as a paid working professional
3. First Christmas pregnant

Ok, so that's not a lot of firsts, but they are pretty big, life-changing firsts.

Evan and I spent Christmas in California this year. It was actually nice to not have a white Christmas this year. I like the snow, but I know I'll get my fill by mid-January so no snow on Christmas was fine by me. I got some much needed pregnancy clothes and much needed baby clothes. When I look at how small the onesies I have are I can’t imagine something being that small. But as Evan reminded me, I don’t want the baby to be much bigger when he’s born! We had a great Christmas this year. I just can’t believe next year we’ll have a baby to buy gifts for!

Evan and I also celebrated our 2 year anniversary! Our 10 hour car ride from California to Utah wasn’t the most exciting celebration, but we had fun reminiscing about the past year and our favorite memories. My favorite memories always involve Evan trying to make me laugh. His favorite memory was when I told him we were going to be parents. I think his memory trumps mine! But I do know I’ll need a good laugh at least weekly for the next few months. It’s gonna get crazy here!

Now, on to panty hose. I will never understand the science behind panty hose. First of all, I can’t stand things that are tight and uncomfortable. And I think if you look panty hose up in the dictionary you’ll see those two words: tight and uncomfortable. I’ve never been a panty hose wearer, but when it gets really cold in Utah I have to pull them out. When purchasing panty hose I never go by the sizing chart they provide. I just always buy extra extra large because I figure they won’t be tight and uncomfortable. But each time I open the package and start to put them on, I am disappointed. I squeeze into them and think, “These are supposed to fit someone between 5’2’’ and 5’9’’ from 200 to 320 pounds and they don’t even fit me!” So now that I’m pregnant I have really come to hate panty hose. I bought even bigger sizes to accommodate the human growing inside me, but I still have the same result. I did buy a pair of maternity tights yesterday, hoping they will be somewhat comfortable. And if by some miracle they are comfortable, I will probably wear them even when I’m not pregnant. But let’s just say I won’t be surprised if they are just as uncomfortable as all the others. So one day when I don’t have much to do (which won’t be for another 18 years I guess) I’m going to create a pair of panty hose for the everyday woman: a pair of panty hose that are just tight enough to stay up without cutting off the circulation to the lower half of the body. And I will be rich.