Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

2 year video...well almost

Blake's 2 year video is taking a lot longer to put together than I had planned. (Mostly because we lost a big chunk of videos when our computer crashed...which reminds me...back up computer ASAP)

But this video might be the most awesome video ever recorded of Blake simply because of his reaction.

He's played with "Womas" everyday since his birthday.

Friday, March 23, 2012


Happy birthday, Blake! 

Birth story here

First birthday here

2 year video tomorrow!

Friday, March 16, 2012

shave and a haircut

Well, just a haircut, sans shave. Hopefully we have a few more years before Blake will need to shave.

Blake had his first haircut! He did pretty well for about 5 minutes. But in the end I had to hold him while he laid his head on my shoulder. I guess getting your hair cut is kind of traumatic and exhausting.

"If you think this penguin cape is going to make me sit still, you've got another thing comin'."

"Ok, so it wasn't that bad."

Like father, like son!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

blast from the past

I love finding old pictures.

Monday, March 12, 2012

What my neighbor complained about

I agreed with our ex-neighbor when he said that the sounds Blake made were really loud.

What I didn't agree with was that he thought I should keep Blake in one room. All day. Every day.


P.S. Blake puts his dirty diapers in his shopping cart and takes them to the trash can. Cutest.thing.ever.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Lessons in Motherhood- Why bubbles at the playground might not be a great idea

Yesterday was a beautiful day and I knew we were going to be outside for most of it. I remembered that my mom sent me a birthday package which included some bubbles for Blake. So I grabbed the bubbles on the way out and we walked up the street to the playground.

There were a few kids playing as I sat down and started blowing bubbles. Blake had a great time chasing the bubbles all over the playground. After about 30 seconds, 2 kids came over to chase the bubbles as well. A minute later 2 more kids came running over. Pretty soon I realized that my fun idea may have backfired for several reasons:

-Everyone wanted a turn blowing bubbles. I gave the first 2 kids that came over a turn. But after more started running over I said I would be handling the blowing of bubbles.

-"Can I have a turn?" was asked about 50 times. And when I said no, "But why?" was asked 50 times as well. And was ignored 49 times.

-"Hey! Blow some bubbles over here!" was shouted at me several times to which I finally said, "I can't control where they go."

-Eventually blowing bubbles for my 2 year old to play with turned into 7 children trying to pop the bubbles before they even left the wand. I don't let my own child smack at things dangerously close to my face so I certainly didn't enjoy that aspect of the bubbles.

After about 10 minutes of blowing bubbles I said I was going to put them away for a while. A few "Can I have a turn"s trailed off as the kids ran to find something else to occupy their playground time. Obviously I don't expect children to see bubbles at the playground and not play with them. In my naivete, I pictured a scene where I'd be sitting on a bench and children would be laughing and chasing the bubbles as they floated through the sky. I didn't anticipate the scene that actually unfolded.

Lesson learned: Bubbles are best used on our front steps. Blake enjoys chasing them and he doesn't go too far down the sidewalk because when the bubbles blow away he runs back to me looking for more.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Things that happened at the doctor's office

-Another patient, an older gentleman, who was walking up and down the hall of the office stopped to look at me while I waited for the doctor. On several occasions. Kind of weird to try to not make eye contact with him.

-The nurse seemed unsure of how to properly don latex gloves. I wanted to say, "You can take a minute to adjust those so you can properly use your fingers. You need full range of motion when it comes to drawing blood." (I had routine blood work done as well.)

-I had to remind myself that I had a c-section so being stuck with a needle wasn't going to be that bad. I think removing the band aid from being stuck with the needle was a lot worse than the needle prick itself.

-The doctor prescribed a nasal spray apparently made out of diamonds and gold because I screamed, "What?!" when the pharmacist told me how much it was going to cost.

 -The nurse said, "fuggedaboutit" during our conversation.