Saturday, October 31, 2009

What’s the difference between a nine-month pregnant woman and a model?

Nothing, if the pregnant woman’s husband knows what’s good for him.

Haha just a little pregnancy humor for my readers out there. (Yes, all 3 of you.) Evan does know what's good for him and compliments my growing figure, even after a few bowls of ice cream on my part. Here are some pictures of our little boy! I'm so excited we are going to have a boy. I have 2 older brothers and Evan is the oldest in his family so I thought it would be fun to have a boy first so one day he could be the big older, protective brother of our other children. Ha, other children. I'm already thinking of having more even though I haven't had one. I obviously haven't been 9 months and 1 week pregnant before. Enjoy the pics of our cute little bundle of boy!

Profile picture...
cute nose!


I considered blurring certain parts of this
picture as to not embarrass our little boy.
But then I remembered I don't know how to
do oh well!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I couldn't think of anything cute with the word "bump" in it for the title, so the title of this post is lame. Oh well. Here are a few pictures of my ever-growing tummy! I'm totally embracing this time in my life. When else will it be cute to gain weight? Never. I think I'll indulge in a little ice cream as soon as I upload these pictures. I can just blame my weight gain on the baby, right? In all honesty, I eat a lot better now than I did pre-pregnancy, so I don't feel bad about a little ice cream every now or day. (Hahah get it? Everyday!) Anyway, enjoy (Mom! These are mostly for you since I chose to abandon the east coast. I do feel incredibly guilty for not being closer to share this experience with you. I'm working on a time machine of sorts because flying is just too expensive...and scary.)

5 months...and counting!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing

It's been way toooooooo long since I have posted anything on here, and it's way toooooooooo late for me to write a long, witty blog post about how exciting my life is now. So I'll just give you the highlights. I am teaching 4th grade in American Fork and enjoying it very much. I finally have my own classroom! Although I am exhausted at 3:30 each day, I am glad I have the chance to use what I learned (and paid for) during my years at BYU. I'll have to start making a list of the hilarious things my students say. The most recent innocent, yet gut-busting comment came during social studies. We were talking about the different forms of government that have been in place in Utah from Native Americans to the government we have today. As we discussed how the pioneers moved West and settled in what is now Salt Lake City, I told the students that they named the area where they lived Deseret. I then asked if any students knew what the word Deseret means. After several attempts at guessing the right answer, I called on one student who was enthusiastically raising his hand. We'll call him Jimmy. The exchange went as follows:

Me: Jimmy, do you think you know what Deseret means?
Jimmy: Ummmm, does it mean bookstore?
Me: Ha! Hey, that's a great guess! Are you thinking about Deseret Book?
Jimmy: Ya.
Me: Well it doesn't mean bookstore, but good thinking!

Hilarious. I probably would have guessed the same thing if I hadn't learned what Deseret means from wikipedia...I mean The Book of Mormon. I really like having fun with my students and am getting excited for Halloween. I've told them I am really going to try to scare them and they are convinced I can't. We'll have to see about that!

In more personal and exciting news...Evan and I are having a baby! Our baby, who will probably not actually have a name even after it is born because we cannot agree on a moniker we both like, is due March 17th! The first trimester was pretty easy. I threw up once and could handle the nausea. At the end of my first trimester, the nausea got a lot worse and I had ZERO energy. I would come home from school and fall asleep at 7 pm. I am almost 5 months along and feel like I have more energy, but have been having bouts of vomiting the past few days. Gross, but it isn't terrible. I mean, I don't like refunding my breakfast right after I eat it, but I usually feel better afterwards. We find out if we are having a boy or a girl at the end of October. We are beyond excited to start our family!

So life is busy and kinda stressful, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I like being busy and contributing monetarily to our family, especially now that we know we'll be adding another mouth to feed soon. Hope this was a good enough update because mother and baby are ready for bed!

P.S. Any name suggestions are appreciated!