Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I thought bliggity bloggity boo was cute...

I was talking to my friend Kiri one day online and asked her why people start blogs. She informed me that it's a way for people to share their personal drama with other people when other people could really care less. So I thought since I'm so busy with life right now and always complain that I never have enough time that maybe I should start a blog and unnecessarily add something else to my life to waste time. I have no idea who will read this blog. I actually think it's dumb when people have a link to their blog on facebook, but inevitably one will be placed on my facebook page. I don't really have any great insights on life. Although I thought that what I came up with as the URL for this blog was pretty clever. I would actually bet that within a week I will delete this blog. Why? you ask. Because I'm really busy and don't need something else to waste my time.

1 comment:

Tori Wilding said...

I saw this very first blog entry and noticed that no one had commented on it and it made me sad because you are a wonderful writer. So, I'm really glad you started this blog! Look how far you've come!!!!
Love ya!