Friday, February 1, 2008

I live in a freezer.

Walking out of my apartment is like stepping into a freezer. Yes, I know it's winter. I just hate feeling cold all of the time! Despite my detestation for cold temperatures, I really don't mind snow. I don't mind driving or walking in it. I just don't like the cold temperature that is associated with snow. Although it would be weird if it was really warm outside and it started to snow. Oh, did I say weird? I meant awesome. Anyway, that's my stuff on snow.

Work is going by a lot slower today than it did yesterday. I guess I don't have a paper to keep me busy. But, I do have a ton of other things to do. It's so hard on Fridays to think about doing homework. I trick myself into believing that I deserve a break when in reality my break came last night when I got to watch the season premiere of LOST with my husband. But then I think about how I have the whole weekend to do all the things I need to do and convince myself that typing another post or trying to see which celebrity I look the most like is a good use of my time.

Now I have to look for movies this lady is in.

I used to watch Shirley Temple movies all the time! "No spinach! Take away that awful greenery!"

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