Monday, April 21, 2008

shave and a haircut, two bits

I have to say one of biggest blows to a person's ego is forgetting their name...especially if you've known them for almost two years. Case in point: People I have known for almost two years keep calling me the wrong name. I know, "Whitney" and "Britney" are easy to mix up. I mean, they both have "itney" in them. It took me by surprise when I was beckoned by the wrong name, but I rolled with the punches and responded to them anyway. I almost couldn't think straight though. In my head I'm going, "Did they just say Britney? Do I even look like a Britney? No. I don't." Anyway so I guess I figured after a few years I wouldn't be so forgettable. Another case in point: A few years ago when I was singlin' it up and living at the Raintree (yikes) my friends and I met some guys that were in our ward and introduced ourselves. I saw one of the guys I had met a few days later and he introduced himself to if we'd never met. I remembered him perfectly. He had a weird name and so maybe that helped me remember him. Anyway, so I re-introduced myself and just played along like we had never met. Then I saw him again on the following Sunday. He approached my roommate, who was signficantly more barbie-esque than I was...or ever will be, and said, "Haven't we met before?" She was the roommate who had never met him. She said no and he introduced himself. THEN he turns to me and says, "I don't think we've met. Hi I'm (fill-in-the-blank)!" I just stared back at him. I couldn't believe he was introducing himself for a THIRD time! I managed to gain my composure and say, "Actually this is the third time you have introduced yourself to me. I'm Whitney. You're (fill-in-the-blank), but I'm sure you'll forget and try to introduce yourself again to me at some later date." What I wanted to say is, "Hi, I'm the roommate you've met three times before, but since I don't have blonde hair, blue eyes, and ginormous breasts, you aren't going to remember me...ever. And that's fine, because I frankly don't want you to ever look in my general direction again. Good day. I said good day!" And even though I had no interest in this man (calling him a man is a compliment), I just couldn't get over the fact that I was so forgettable to him. But all in all it doesn't really matter. It just makes for a wonderfully hilarious story.

On a side note, I got my hair cut today. It cost more than two bits, though. Unless one bit is the equivalent of nine U.S. dollars, then it was two bits. I absolutely love it! I went to the barbershop on campus and got it cut there. You are probably thinking, "The BYU barbershop?!" Yes, that barbershop. I go to a girl named Laura. She's great and so if any of you ladies are thinking about getting a haircut I recommend her. Here's the link: And I just found out they do full head weaves!


CEV said...

baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhahhahahhhaha! "I said good day!" haha you kill me. and I'm sorry no one remembers your name. I will! Always! Well big boob girl can just be happy with all the whack-jobs that come after her. And that jerk face is probably bald now, so don't worry about it. So I went home and put my laundry in to wash since I'm wearing my last pair of clean underwear...eww I know. And way to go with that plug to Laura! She's awesome! We should try and convince Mom to go to her in December! haha she prob won't though. Court and I are looking forward to more blog posts during the summer!!

The Balaziks said...

And so I've found you!! HEY WHITNEY!!
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!!! And apparently I'm one of those kerazy ppl who put their blogspot links on facebook. Look forward to seeing more if it's ok that I do. if your get bored you can stop by.

Kjirs said...

Whit you are so freakin funny. I can just picture your face while typing this entry. CLASSIC!!!