Sunday, February 14, 2010

36 weeks...oh my

Only 4 more weeks until our still unnamed child is set to enter the world. Whether he comes in 4 weeks is entirely up to him. One of my students said to me the other day, "Mrs. Jordan, I can't wait to meet your son!" My response: "I can't wait to meet him, too!"


Kjirs said...

YAYAYAY!!!! You are gorgeous as always and I am excited to meet "francis" as well. Love you guys!

Stephanie said...

you are so stinkin cute pregnant :) I love it! NO NAME? Do you want me to name the baby? I LOVE picking out names! Wha??? You and Evan DON'T need my help? Well your friend Kjirs who commented above me called the baby Francis and unless you plan on givng birth to a 60 year old lady, YOU NEED HELP.

Totally kidding. It went a little far I know. I just couldn't seem to stop myself. Keyboard vomit.