Monday, March 22, 2010

eternally minded

These were among the many words from excited family members I found comforting on the eve of our baby's arrival.

"Whitney is being induced tomorrow and it's made me think: somewhere today a son and Father and Mother are starting their final day together. They're in the kitchen, each enjoying their favorite bowl of cereal, talking about life together; experiences come up that make them laugh -- really laugh. At lunchtime our ancestors come over to the house. They serve taco salad because Mary's there. More funny, funny stories are shared by members of the Jordan family. Talk about laughter! After lunch they move into the family room. There, the tone turns serious as Blake gets a history lesson about the name he will be given in mortality. The history unfolds from the beginning to the present. It's powerful. There's been heartache, fear, loneliness and everything in between. But there's also been joy, covenants, faithfulness, determination, commitment and courage. Time passes quickly and it's time to go. They file past him one by one, "You're special, Blake." "We love you, Blake." "We're proud of you, Blake." "Don't blow it, Blake" "Kick that damn dog for me, Blake" (that's grandpa Jones).

Left alone is Father, Mother and son. They sit down on the couch in the living room and listen to Theodor Seuss Gisel read, "Oh, The Places You'll Go". They giggle again, knowing that some of it's true. They knows it's 5:30pm on earth in Utah and Blake needs to pack his bags. Our Father in heaven sleeps on the bottom bunk tonight, and He and Blake talk into the night. Tomorrow's a big day. We better get some sleep. There is peace and joy.

As Blake is born tomorrow, still ringing in his ears will be the final words God, the Father told him. Evan and Whitney, too, will hear the message as Blake enters mortality. It will be unspoken, but loud and clear and unmistaken. It is the instant that heaven and earth become one.

He will bring with him peace and joy (and some popsicles from Great Grandpa Jordan)."

Evan's father put these thoughts together and it's made me think of the time we all spent with Heavenly Father and Mother before we made our earthly appearance. It's comforting to think that our little one was so loved before he came to us and that there are so many people here who already love him without even knowing him. It's also comforting to know that even though our baby won't come with a handbook, we can ask his heavenly parents, who know him so well, for help when we don't have a clue what to do.


Chelsea said...

So his name will be Blake then? I love that name! Good luck tomorrow! We are praying for you!

Margaret said...

just crying my eyes out with my morning toast. and we had taco salad last night:) SO CUTE! these Jordan men sure do know how to write things down. SO excited for you guys!!!

Nina said...

Balling over here. That is so beautiful. We love you so much and we are so happy that Blake is here to play. Hugs and kisses to you all!