Friday, April 30, 2010

someone beat me to it

I should be showering right now, but I found this and wanted to share it. Even though I have only been a mother for about 5 weeks, I thought that with my new-found knowledge of what motherhood is really like I could write a best-selling book and women everywhere would buy it and thank me for being honest about motherhood and I would be rich. And with the way we are going through diapers and formula these days I have been thinking of ways I can make money from home. Well, someone already beat me to it. (Dang!) Here are the top 5 things that Vicki Glembocki says she wishes she had known before she had a baby. They are in her book The Second Nine Months, which I will be checking to see if the library has. (And if it's not that good maybe I really will write a book.)

The top 5 things I wish someone had told me before the baby came.

P.S. I would only add one thing to her list: Breastfeeding is painful and I don't care who says it isn't. If it didn't hurt for you then consider yourself lucky. I think I would have felt better about breastfeeding and not so frustrated if the lactation consultants I spoke to just admitted that it would be painful and that I would just need to keep working at it. Every time I heard, "It shouldn't be painful" I felt like I was doing something wrong and would try to fix it. Guess what. I wasn't doing anything wrong. It just hurts.


Chelsea said...

Girl I told you it hurt! And now that I know you live in Spanish Fork I want to come visit even more! I threw away that envelope with your address so you need to send me a message with it - I need to hold that little bean already!

Margaret said...

ohhh my gosh I LOVE THE LINK! I was laughing out loud the whole time reading it. More like "IM NOT THE ONLY CRAZY ONE OUT THERE" laugh! Im gonna have to check this book out. What other books are you reading?

Whitney said...

I read an excerpt from the book and it had some colorful language unfortunately. (I'm hoping it was the only time the f-bomb is going to be used. Just a warning if you get the book.) I did read The Baby Whisperer, which was pretty good. I thought it had some pretty good advice.

Evan said...

You should still write it - yours would be better.

Whitney said...

Maybe I will, love. Maybe I will.