Monday, January 24, 2011

Sugar...ah honey honey

Honey. One of the things babies aren't supposed to have before they are 1 year old.

I know that. I was told even before Blake was born that babies shouldn't have honey. I reminded Evan yesterday that Blake can't have any of the Honey Nut Cheerios we now have in the pantry.

So, you can imagine my utter shock when Evan told me tonight that I've been feeding Blake HONEY graham crackers...and that the word HONEY is written

I just stared at my husband. And then chuckled nervously. And then rushed to my computer to look up symptoms of infant botulism.

Blake doesn't seem to be exhibiting any signs of botulism (still pooping...a lot, eats well, not drooling excessively, active, happy, etc).

Just when I think I have the mom thing down, I go and do something like give my 10 month old something with honey in it. I wish I could blame lack of sleep, but Blake's been doing a great job of sleeping. Oh! Maybe because I now have annoying floater in my right eye, it was covering up the word "honey" when I bought the box of grahams. Maybe. Probably not.

In more positive news, I am now the mother to a 10 month old baby. So in 2 months I'll have a toddler...who CAN have honey.


Lindsay said...

If it makes you feel any better, I gave Caleb honey nut cheerios before he was a year. No problems. And my mom admits to giving all six of her children straight honey on the tips of our binkies long, long before we were a year. And no problems. Don't beat yourself up -- you are not a bad mother, don't you worry. And Blake will be just fine.

Chelsea said...

The honey in those products is pasteurized and highly unlikely to cause Blake botulism! Though you can never be too careful I think it refers to raw honey.

Losing Brownies said...

I think Blake is alright. Chelsea is right, its so pasteurized that there is very little chance of botulism.