Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Good Morning

1 am-Blake starts to cry so I go in and replace his pacifier. I fear the day we take it away for good...

4 am-Blake wakes up again. Bink replaced. Again.

4:30 am-It's never good when a headache wakes you up. I decide to try to sleep it off.

5 am-Evan gets ready for the day. Which means I'm awake until he leaves at 5:30. Headache is still hanging around. Pop 2 Excedrin and pray it kicks in soon.

5:30 am- Blake's awake. I put him in bed with me and say the mom chant: please go to sleep, please go to sleep, please go to sleep...

6:30 am- I carefully move a sleeping Blake to the center of my bed so I can go lock the front door. I distinctly remember NOT hearing the door lock when Evan left. And even though someone would have to unlock the outside door in order to get to our front door, I can't stop imagining someone holding my neighbor at gunpoint, forcing him to unlock the outer door, then looking at our front door and thinking, "Hmmmm, I wonder if this is unlocked?" So I got up and locked it.

8 am- Blake's up for the day. Breakfast, "Melmo", and Curious George!

8:30 am-  Red-faced and whimpering, Blake's having a hard time...moving his bowels. So I assume the squat-and-poop position and start coaching him on the art of pooping. "Push Blake. Just like Mommy! You can do it! Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuush!" I think I'm qualified to be a labor coach or something now.

9 am- Still a clean diaper. I figure he'll poop at he most inopportune time: while the doctor is checking to make sure he's healthy at his 18 month appointment.

9:20 am- Poopy diaper! I ask Blake if he wants his diaper changed. He waved me off and shook his head no. I figured I could give him another 10 minutes in case he wasn't done. And I'd get to dry my hair.

9:30 am- Blake finds me in the bathroom drying my hair. He holds out his hands the way he does when he gets dirt or food on them and wants them to be cleaned. Only it's not dirt or food. It's poop. I pick him up and notice his diaper has become detached from his body.

9:35 am- Blake's cleaned up and the missing diaper is retrieved and disposed of. Sniff test of the living room to find out what has poop on it and what doesn't. All clear.

9:40 am- Leave for the doctor's office.

Luckily the Excedrin started working about 15 minutes after I took it, so my sleepless and poopy morning was a little easier to handle.

Blake's 18 month stats:

Weight: 25 lbs-50th percentile
Height: 33 in-75th percentile
Head: 48 cm- 95th percentile

Essentially he's tall and skinny with a big head. Well, he doesn't really look like he has a big head. In fact, if his head was smaller I think he'd look a little disproportionate!

2 shots in the bum and he was good to go!


vdg family said...

Thank heaven for Excedrin. I know it has saved my head on many a busy morning. Sorry about the diaper--those are not my favorite days.

Tori Wilding said...

I, too, had too much experience with poop this past week. Glad he didn't get it everywhere! My little boy is growing up!!!