Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Things that happened at the doctor's office

-Another patient, an older gentleman, who was walking up and down the hall of the office stopped to look at me while I waited for the doctor. On several occasions. Kind of weird to try to not make eye contact with him.

-The nurse seemed unsure of how to properly don latex gloves. I wanted to say, "You can take a minute to adjust those so you can properly use your fingers. You need full range of motion when it comes to drawing blood." (I had routine blood work done as well.)

-I had to remind myself that I had a c-section so being stuck with a needle wasn't going to be that bad. I think removing the band aid from being stuck with the needle was a lot worse than the needle prick itself.

-The doctor prescribed a nasal spray apparently made out of diamonds and gold because I screamed, "What?!" when the pharmacist told me how much it was going to cost.

 -The nurse said, "fuggedaboutit" during our conversation.


rach said...

haha this post is too funny! I seriously laughed so hard I snorted when I read the bit about how your medication was so expensive!!

Lindsay said...

This is exactly why I love visiting the doctor, especially in Brooklyn. Also, what is it with doctors prescribing medication made from diamonds and gold? Because that's also apparently what the boys' eye drops were made of when they got pink eye a couple weeks ago. Not only did the price take my breath away when the pharmacy tech rang it up, but it took hers away, too. Ridiculous.

Tori Wilding said...

hahah! I'm glad the nurse said that!! How did you not laugh at her??