Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Every time I use soy sauce in a recipe, I immediately crave sushi. A wonderfully kind woman at church brought me most of the supplies I'd need to make my own (and a container full of some sushi rolls she made. Totally almost cried.).

I bought the rest of the ingredients I'd need to make California and Philadelphia rolls (which I was able to find, no problem. But I still have a hard time finding apple pie filling).

I went to Chinatown and spent too much money on a sushi dish set at Pearl River Mart.

I made the rice (which wasn't hard at all).

I assembled the rolls.

That's right. They make special soy sauce for sushi and sashimi.

So, not perfect. But delicious!
And I stuffed myself so full of sushi that I'm no longer craving it. In fact, I was so uncomfortably full that I probably won't crave sushi for another 6 months or so.

I cannot say the same thing about the consumption of M&M's. I could eat my weight (and probably have) in those and still crave them.


Claudia said...

Can't believe you are such a sushi lover after being raised in the south!(Remember GRITS-Girls Raised in the South?) I'm really impressed actually and hope you will give us a sushi lesson at Christmas! Love your blog, Whitty!
Sunny, Meme, etc. :)

Emily said...

Wait, you were raised in the south? Is virginia in the south??? Anyway, so glad you got your sushi fix. And proud of you for splurging on a sushi dish set. That's super cool. And now I'm craving sushi.

Whitney said...

Better hope Momma don't see the comment above!