Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Now that Evan is working full time and taking 2 classes we have very little time to play wheel of fortune online. Well that and the fact that our free trial expired and none of the other games are as cool. So I have been in search of something else to occupy my time while at work. Never mind the fact that my student teaching starts in less than a month. I stumbled across a website that has brought me a few laughs and thought I should share it with my loyal readers. (Haha!) Basically you upload your picture and can transform your face into what you would look like as several different ethnicities and ages. Here are some of're gonna love these!

Me as a baby...a very happy baby.

Me as an old woman. I still got it even at 85!

Me as a man. (This one made me laugh out loud!)

Me as an East-Asian.

Me as an ape...and probably the scariest picture you've ever seen.

A Botticelli painting of me.

If you are looking for about 20 minutes of good ol' fashion fun, then click the link above and try it out.

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