Monday, August 30, 2010

Adventures in Yoga Land

Soooooooo I'm on a quest. This is a quest many a mom has undertaken. I'm on a quest to lose the baby weight...and some extra poundage I was lugging around before I found out I was pregnant. I actually like to workout...when I'm in shape. I enjoy lifting weights and feeling sore the next day. But when I'm not in shape, I dread working out and hate anything that makes my heart rate increase or that makes me feel out of breath. Here's the problem: the only way for me to enjoy working out is to get in shape, which requires a lot of being out of breath. So any way I slice it, I have to go through some not-so-enjoyable times to get to the enjoyable (and smoking hot body) times.

So I decided when we got back from our vacation, I would start working out. I really want to do P90X because I, like many other people, am a sucker for late night infomercials and truly believe this can help me get in shape. My family has the P90X workout program so I wanted to borrow it. Then certain members of my family decided to get into shape, so that plan is out the window for at least 90 days. My sister was telling me about the workouts and said that you have to jog in place during certain intervals. I'm not sure if that is the ideal workout program for me since I live in an apartment with tenants below us and I'm certain they would fear their ceiling was about to cave in if I start jumping around up here.

Typically in my work out past, I've enjoyed high energy workouts. I like doing step aerobics, kick boxing, and even the dreaded boot camp. It seems like the sweatier I am, the better I feel about myself. So generally I've stayed away from yoga because it doesn't seem very high energy, and it seems like only vegetarians and granolas do it. I need some bumping club beats or instructors yelling at you to step it up in order to feel all "worked out". (Although the only time I've ever done yoga I thought I was going to die, so I know it will get you in shape.) The only work out dvd I have is Yoga for Mom and Baby. Since I don't even know where a gym is and wouldn't go to the gym if I had a membership because I'd have to go by myself, I'm going to have to get in shape at home. So what better way than to do yoga with Blake!

Today was my first time using the dvd. It started out really well. I was sitting on my mat with Blake, holding him in my lap and breathing deeply. Now it was time for the first stretch which required me to lay Blake in my lap. So what happens when your baby doesn't want to lay in your lap, Ms. Calm Yoga Instructor Lady? Well this is what happens: I paused the dvd, looked at the clock, realized it was nap time for Mr. Yoga Baby, and promptly laid him in his crib. He eventually went to sleep and I continued Yoga for Mommy and Baby...minus Baby.

I liked doing yoga today because now I feel like I've done something to help me on my weight loss quest, but I don't think this dvd alone is going to help me get in shape. Some of the poses were relaxing, others were slightly more difficult. Like this one:
I've started eating healthier, and with Blake eating fruits now I'm trying to eat more fruit as well. Also, living in a city without a car means we walk everywhere, which is good for my thighs. So even though yoga didn't go as I had planned today, I'll try again tomorrow, probably not so close to nap time...and not so close to when Blake finishes eating. Because there's nothing worse than being all relaxed and yoga-y and having a baby barf on you.

On a cuter, less weight related note, here's my baby in the tub, so nice and clean:


Evan said...

Love the new template!

Glad you got to do some P90X Yoga tune ups.

Maybe you can get Blake to lose some of that baby fat too ;o)

Chelsea said...

You should have put on this post: warning, yoga pose picture may cause you to wet your pants! I laughed so hard, so thanks for that! Rhet did p90x and didn't lose any weight, but got bigger muscles. If you would like me to burn you a copy (just don't tell the copyright police) I can send it to you!

Whitney said...

Ha Chelsea, you have no idea how many times I had to take a picture of myself doing that pose before a good one came out. First the camera was too low, then the stack of books the camera was sitting on was in the picture. Ugh! I got more of a work out jumping up and down to fix the camera than I did doing the yoga! (And if you really want to send me a copy, let's just say I wouldn't send it back!)

shhhhh said...

Hey Whitney! I love your blog! Keep it up! So wonderful to follow you, Evan and especially Gangsta Baby Blake.... I remember when you and Tori would spend the night with Allison after the family Christmas parties - such good, fun times and memories when you (and WE) were all so much younger - now everyone's so grown up (old)!! Sure miss YOU and the good ol' days.... Hope to see you and your lovely family SOON!! Love, Aunt Sherry

Whitney said...

I remember always hoping that we'd get to spend the night after the Christmas party! Oh those were the days! I'm sure we'll be seeing you guys soon!