Thursday, September 2, 2010


Living in Brooklyn has been quite a change from anywhere I've lived or even visited for that matter. I was thinking last night about the things I miss about other places I've lived.

1. Walmart. I never thought I'd miss the annoyingly long lines, not so good produce, and employees who will just tell you that Walmart doesn't carry the thing you are looking for so they don't have to help you look for it. I mainly miss Walmart so much because it was my go-to store when no where else had what I needed. Basically Walmart has everything...and it's all in one place.

2. A car. And wide streets. We decided not to take our car to New York for several reasons. And even if we did have a car I probably wouldn't be going anywhere I don't go now, mainly because of parking. But, it would be nice to have a car every once in a while to get out of the city.

3. Clean streets. Let me clarify. We live on a street, which is pretty clean. But the avenues that run perpendicular to the streets are DIRTY. The worst is on trash days when all the businesses put out their trash and the wind kicks up. Gross.

4. Having a washer and dryer in the apartment. I've only lived in a few places that had this amenity (besides my childhood home). Going to a laundry mat really makes you appreciate having your own washer and dryer. Even more, it makes you appreciate having a mom who will do your laundry for you!

5. Only living 5 minutes from church. Utah spoiled me. I never had to drive more than 5 minutes or walk more than 10 minutes to get to church the whole 6.5 years I lived in Utah. Now it's a 45 minute subway ride to church. It wouldn't take that long if we drove, but...well see number 2 of this list.

6. Dry air. I grew up in VA where basically you regretted spending any amount of time doing your hair because once you walked outside the humidity made your hair turn into a big frizz ball. In general, when you live in a humid climate, going outside makes you feel like you haven't showered. When I lived in Utah the air was nice and dry. Yes, I had to invest more in lotions and what not, and during the winter my skin itched like crazy, but at least my hair looked good! Well, the humidity here brings me back to my childhood: frizzy hair that is usually in a pony tail and break outs. But at least I'm saving on lotion!

7. Public school systems other than New York's. I've just heard some things. And it's a little nerve-racking and slightly disappointing.

Now, for a more uplifting list of things I like about New York:

1. The trees on our street are really pretty. I think our street looks like a scene in a movie...a movie based in Brooklyn.

2. I've been surprised at how nice people are here. Of course, there are rude people. And people who think Brooklyn is the center of the universe (newsflash: it's not.). But for the most part there is always someone willing to help us carry the stroller down the steps to the subway. Even yesterday a guy in the 99 cent store helped me find dish washing gloves and even let me switch sizes when he happened to find the size I needed as I was walking out of the store.

3. The diversity. Sometimes I like this, and sometimes it is frustrating. It's nice to be around lots of different people from different places. On the subway I hear people speaking Spanish, Russian, French, and Chinese. And sometimes English. The frustrating part comes when I can't understand people. One time I almost had my groceries delivered because I couldn't understand what the bag boy was asking me. I just assumed he was asking paper or plastic, so I said plastic. Then he started to put my groceries in a huge delivery bag. Luckily the cashier told him I didn't want them delivered. Crisis averted.

4. I'm excited for fall. The colors are going to be gorgeous!

5. Going to Times Square...just to eat at Baja Fresh. Hahaha too bad it started storming so our trip was cut short.

6. Being able to see the Statue of Liberty from a nearby park.

7. Living in a brownstone. Ok there are definitely things I DON'T like about living in a brownstone (little creepy crawly visitors that I'd rather not have to deal with, creaky hardwood floors that wake Blake up, "mouse hole" kitchen and bathroom). But, I think our apartment is really pretty. And I hope I will be able to look back on this time and think, "Man, I can't believe we lived THERE!" (In a good way, of course!)

Brooklyn still doesn't feel like home to me, and I'm not sure when or if it ever will. But I'm trying really hard to find the happy times in every day that we are here. Some days are great, others are blah. And still others are not so great (usually the days that involve creepy crawly visitors...yuck.)

Blakey update: We've got a tooth! (and far less sleeping is going on in our home because of it...) 


RedBarn said...

I love your posts. I always enjoy reading them. Blake is such a cutie! I would be terrified to live in NY so good for you for hanging in there. How long do you plan on living there?

Whitney said...

We'll probably be here for about 5 years, maybe more, maybe less.

rach said...

oh I completely understand everything you are saying! Moving can be such a hard adjustment- Its worth it having your family together, but sometimes things are still hard. I've been living over here for about 4 months now, and while its getting easier, some days are definately better than others! I hope that it gets easier and I have to say you have the cutest little boy!

Whitney said...

Thanks, Rachel! It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who feels this way! I'm glad to know it does get easier. I remember living in Utah and it didn't really feel like home until after a few years! Then I got scared that Utah felt like home!

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

Well for the record, we hope you never adjust to Brooklyn so then we can convince Evan to move you guys back to the better coast :)

You are awesome girl. I know I would not have as positive of an outlook as you do. I need to get that from you!

We love you and miss you. Blakey is adorable and I can't wait to see a picture of his new little tooth!

P.S.....teething sux and sleep becomes elusive, again. Good luck babe!

rach said...

haha so I remember the day that Utah felt like "home". I was back in VA for some break and couldn't wait to go home....and then I was like wait a second...I AM home!! It freaked me out too haha. I guess its all about what you make it!

Lindsay said...

Hi Whitney! Thanks for the comment on my blog (which is how I found yours...)! Amen to all you said in this post. Adjusting to life in Brooklyn can by tricky. I was scared out of my shoes three years ago when Blake told me this was there the job would take us. I didn't think I'd ever figure it out or adjust. But, miracle of miracles, I have. And I love it here (well, sometimes that love translate to more like "love-hate"). There is a lot I wish I had access to (like a car and an a washer/dryer that isn't so far away), but my heart aches when I think of how much I'd miss should we ever leave. Give it time -- things will get better. Embrace the fact that you're here -- explore, get to know the people and their ways of doing things. It takes time (and loads of patience), but things will improve, so long as you let them. And seriously -- do come to playgroup! That was my saving grace when we arrived here with a 6 week old Garrett. It gave me a chance to get out of the house, chat with other adults, and learn some of the ins and outs of Brooklyn. Some of my most lasting friendships have been established through this playgroup. So tell that adorable baby of yours to sleep accordingly so you can come. :)

Whitney said...

Blake always seems to sleep better when we decide Evan will get up with him in the night...go figure! I actually got used to having him sleep through the night so he's throwing me for a loop now!