Monday, October 3, 2011

5 reasons why I'm switching dentists

1. Your office name, Gentle Dental, is deceiving. Never bled that much after a cleaning...ever.

2. Although you and your staff speak English, your accent makes most of what you say incredibly hard to decipher. And I hate just nodding my head like I've understood what you've said so you won't have to repeat yourself a third time.

3. I don't take kindly to being reprimanded for not flossing my teeth twice a day. And the whole, "Do you floss once a year?" comment was incredibly unnecessary. I'm never going to floss my teeth twice a day. I can commit to flossing once a day. But that's it.

4. Just because I ask questions doesn't mean I wasn't paying attention. So there was no need for you to stop mid-sentence and say, "Pay attention."

5. The whole, "Your gums are slightly inflamed so we need to see you again in 6 months. And if they're still inflamed I'll be forced to do a deep cleaning," threat ain't gonna work, sister. Cause you certainly will not be touching my teeth ever again.

I'm currently taking suggestions for a good dentist in Brooklyn.


Lindsay said...

The boys and I go to 5th Ave Dental. I don't love them (but then I usually love any dentist) but from they sounds of things, they are better than Gentle Dental. They do have a really great pediatric dentist, though, which is one reason why I've stuck with them. Also, they speak English and their equipment isn't 50 years old. ;)

Claudia said...

Sometimes I blame the language barrier for inappropriate remarks, but Gentle Dentist was just rude in any language! You have gorgeous teeth-paid for them myself!:)and you have ALWAYS taken good care of them - no cavities and no fillings. Should have had you see Dr. Tommy L. when you were last here. He's a great dentist who appreciates his patients.

Evan said...

Dental schools everywhere (yes, even Russia) need to teach that more patience means more patients.

Mrs. Dean said...

Wow, rude!! Hope you find a new one that's not quite so lacking in the PR department.

AGarcia said...

Dr. Jeffrey Dressel is a gem.