Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Down South

Some people would say Virginia isn't the south. Well, you can tell that to the guy down the street from my childhood home who proudly flies his confederate flag.

Anyway, I was able to visit my family recently and even though it was great to see them, it was even better seeing these guys:

I kid! Kind of.
We started our trip with a nice barf session in the back of the car service car we took to the airport. Then I stood on the curb at JFK trying to clean Blake's car seat while he stood there in his diaper. Good times with Sir Barfs-A-Lot.
Blake slept the whole flight to VA which kind of made up for the ride to the airport. We made a quick pit stop at Cafe Rio in Manassas, VA. Totally worth it even though it was a little out of the way.
Then we spent a week and a half playing in the 'burbs! We visited the children's museum and drove to groceries stores! And parked and went in and bought groceries! And then put them in our car and drove home and parked in a driveway! It was amazing.
Most of our time was spent hanging out with my family. And it was divine.
 Who knew ice packs could be so fun?
Children's Museum- Yes, I'm holding Blake. Yes, he's heavy.
He tried to eat some of the rubber bits. Of course.

 New friends

A "bup" (aka bus).

Broom ball with Papa!
We had a wonderful time. (Even though Blake woke up at 4am every morning. He'd slap my mattress, signaling he was ready to get in bed with me, roll around, kick me in the face, go back to sleep, and wake up at 7:30.) Can't wait to go back!


rach said...

yay for trips home!! I would HATE not being able to drive to the grocery store. The 6 months I didn't have a car here I hated doing the shopping. I didn't shop based on price, it was more based on weight and bulkiness lol!! if you go home for christmas at all you should try and meet up with me and stephanie!

Tori Wilding said...

I miss you, Sir Barfs-a-lot!!!! Also, it's kinda freaky that you found pics of the exact washer/dryer and dishwasher we have!