Friday, January 13, 2012

Dearest Neighbor,

Over the past month I've gone from feeling bad for having such a loud child, to hating you, to reading about how I'm supposed to love you and then trying to love you, back to hating you, then to thinking you are just plain ridiculous.

I know you think I'm one of those mothers who lets her child run amok all day long with very few restrictions. But I promise you, I am not.

Despite what you think (and what you accused me of tonight in our somewhat heated conversation), I do not "entice him to run around". I absolutely never chase him. EVER. When you hear me calling his name, it's usually to either to get him to stop running or to be quiet. I spend most of my days now pleading with him to be quiet. And sometimes that pleading turns into yelling. And time out. All because you say we are too loud.

And despite what you also accused me of, we do have a rug. And we have a play mat for him to play on.

Yes, he does run around most days. He also loves to dance when he hears music. I usually let him do it for about 1 minute and then force him to stop, which results in tantrums, which result in more noise.

Yes, he does drop and throw his toys sometimes. And I try to teach him not to do that. But he's 22 months old. That basically describes a 22 month old: really loud and not very good at listening, probably because they are so loud.

I was happy to hear that you got a set of ear plugs. It shows me that you are at least trying to do something to solve the problem and not just putting it all on me. But like I said a million times tonight, there's not much I can do. It's not my fault that you work at home. It's not my fault that our apartment isn't properly insulated.

Here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to focus on my family. I'm going to focus on what is best for my child. I told you I'd try even harder to reduce the noise and I will. I warned you that there will still be noise. But your ridiculous claims and requests tonight have taught me 2 things:

I'm not a confrontational person, but I won't let you (or anyone else) walk all over me. (Thank you, NY for bringing that out in me.) And I made that clear tonight.

I'm going to make sure Blake knows he is loved. It never really occurred to me that other people might not be too fond of Blake. He's cute and sweet, and gives great hugs. And he deserves to be a 2 year old and do things a 2 year old likes to do. Whether you like it or not.

Your upstairs neighbor

P.S. I'm terribly sorry that we were sick last week. All of the coughing you said you heard must have been so annoying.


shhhhh said...

If your neighbor is unhappy, your neighbor should be the one to MOVE!! If the landlord allows children, then children they should learn to deal with. Seriously - they complained about coughing?!? How ridiculous is that?? Love the pictures of Blake!!

Jennifer Harris said...

I'm so sorry Whitney. I know from having my own 22 month old (although she is 4 days older :) that this is not something you need. When Wes and I were going to school at byu-Idaho our downstairs neighbor would call us and ask us to turn off the dryer because he had a headache and it was stopping him from sleeping. It was ridiculous, I say don't worry about and let them move somewhere else.

Jennifer Harris said...

Oh and the dryer was going at 6:30 in the evening, it wasn't like it was midnight or anything!

Chelsea said...

Ya girl, that cough of your is worse than a seal barking. Don't you know any better? I would have simply said, well honey, that's apartment living for you. Have a good night and then slammed the door in their face. Then I would have purposefully drug all the furniture around, stomped my feet, and pumped some good jams. That person needs to get a life!

Emily said...

This just makes me so mad I could . . . i don't know but it makes me SO MAD! Can we start sending him letters? Like, Dear Uptight Sir or Madam, As the mother of four under four, I can assure you that the sound created by one well-behaved two year old like Blake is NOTHING compared to what you could be experiencing. Also, you are a jerk. What do you think two year olds are supposed to do all day? Sit on their butts in front of the TV? How about you come live under our family for a week?
Suck it up or move,

Whitney said...

Ugh...nightmare!!! Seriously, when are kids allowed to just be kids without someone jumping all over them (or you) for it? Sorry you have to deal with this. Hope he moves soon!!!