Sunday, January 13, 2013

Love Stories

(Read how it started here and here.)

The week leading up to “The BBQ” was one filled with excitement and anticipation. I had to continually remind myself that Magic, you’ll recall I still didn’t know his real name, may not even like me. I did think it highly unlikely that Magic or Jex didn’t like at least one of my roommates. Prior experience would have me believe that I was not the roommate that was being sought after. But I let myself indulge the idea that Magic might be interested in little ol’ me.

Saturday finally arrived and I spent most of the day pretending to study, but really daydreaming
about how the evening would go. After a quick trip to the store we returned to our apartment to have our roommate tell us our toilet had backed up into our shower. 3 girls and no shower. We frantically called some girls in our ward to ask if we could use their shower. When they obliged, we all gathered the things we needed and ran 2 blocks to their house.

We finished getting ready at our apartment and the doorbell rang. Magic and Jex had arrived, ready to bbq. We headed to the courtyard at our small apartment complex and started cooking. Music was playing, conversations were flowing. We were all having a good time.

This song came on the radio and Magic asked, “Who sings this song?” I still couldn’t really tell if Magic was interested in me. He seemed to be talking to my friends and Jex as much as he was talking to me. I knew who sang that song. I piped up and without trying to seem too eager said, “Everlast.” He was impressed.

Truth be told, I wasn’t 100% sure that Everlast sang that song. It was between the band Everclear and Everlast. I just happened to blurt out the right answer. Looking back I think he would’ve been just as impressed with me if I had answered incorrectly. He was already interested in asking me out. I just didn’t know it yet.

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