Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Love Stories

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“I’m not supposed to say anything to you, but Magic wants to ask you out.”
“Yeah, my brother asked me if you were dating anyone. I told him no and he said Magic is planning on asking you out.”
“Oh my gosh. Are you serious?”
“Yeah. He’s going to call you.”

I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I didn’t know Magic that well, but I was beyond excited for him to ask me out.

My phone rang. It was him. I looked at Kristi and said, “Oh my gosh, he’s calling me.” I darted upstairs to my room and nonchalantly answered the phone.

“Hey, is this Whitney?”
“Hey it’s Magic.”
“Oh hey! How are you?”
“I’m good. I wanted to see if you had plans this Thursday.”
“Ummm no I don’t think so.”
“Cool. Do you like miniature golf?”
“No. Not really.”


“Oh. No. I mean. I’d love to go miniature golfing.”
“You sure?”
“Yeah. I’d love to go.”
“Ok. I have a softball game on Thursday at 6. If you want, you can come to that and then we’ll go miniature golfing afterwards.”
“Yeah that sounds great.”

Thursday rolled around and I headed to Magic's game with my friends. I watched his team win the intramural softball championship and congratulated him afterward. I was all set to hop in his car and get our first date started when he told me he was going home to shower and that he'd call me when he was leaving to pick me up.

I was a little embarrassed. I had come to his game all glammed up (well, appropriately glammed for a softball game and miniature golf) thinking we'd be leaving straight from his game to go on a date. The walk back to my apartment with my friends was a little awkward. I left my apartment with them not expecting to see them until after this date. Now I was walking back home with them feeling like the date was ruined before it had even started.

We stopped at a friend's apartment on the way home and Magic called me.

"Hey I'm heading to your place."
"Oh I'm not there."
"Oh. Do you still want to go miniature golfing."
"Umm ya. Just pick me up at my friend's apartment."

Something about not being at my apartment when he was coming to pick me up made me feel better. I could change things up on him just like he had changed things up on me. If our little date didn't go as planned I could easily make other plans. I had plenty of people who would want to see me on a Thursday night. I didn't need to go miniature golfing. 

I hopped in his car and we drove to Trafalga.

"So why don't you like miniature golf?"
"I don't know. I've just had some bad experiences."
"Bad experiences with miniature golf?"
"Well, I somehow end up going with people who take it way too seriously. And I'm kind of terrible at it so I always end up being the loser who needs ten strokes to get it in the hole."
"Haha well I won't take it too seriously."

We arrived and paid for our game. We played one round and decided to skip the last hole so we could play again. It was raining a little so there weren't many people playing on the course outside. We laughed and flirted. And he didn't take it too seriously at all.

"You know, my mom and dad's first date was miniature golf and she won."
"Are you saying I should let you win?"
"No, I was just pointing out a coincidence."

I did end up winning. Magic drove me home and walked me to my door. He said he had fun and that we should hang out again. Then he left.

I entered my apartment to find all of his friends hanging out with my roommates. I stopped, smiled, and promptly ran upstairs.

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Lindsay said...

Ha ha! Ah, first dates. Or the beginning of a courtship in general. Your stated opinion of mini golf reminds me of the date when Blake wanted to hold my hand. He wanted to go ice skating so I'd have to hold his hand (since he was no good on the ice). I was feeling pretty crummy, plus I kinda knew what he was up to and got nervous, so I asked him after he'd picked me up if we could do something different, thus completely ruining his long-thought-out plans. I still haven't lived that one down. Whoops. (He did still manage to hold my hand that night, so all was not lost in the end.)