Monday, April 25, 2011

Adventures with a 1 year old- Bubbles

With the weather warming up I'm going to have to start planning a lot more things to do outside with Blake. This time last year Blake was only a month old so our days were spent mostly inside and mostly in our pajamas. I was a new mom just trying to get a solid hour of uninterrupted sleep.

So now that Blake is 13 months old, is interested in the world around him, can successfully walk without my help, and it's warm enough to be outside, our adventures in toddler-hood are beginning!

Today I decided we'd try playing with bubbles. I figured it would consist of me blowing bubbles and Blake trying to eat stuff off the ground. And that's pretty much how it went.

Me: Who wants to blow some bubbles outside?
Blake: Umm, actually I'd like to climb the steps, Mom.

Blake: Look! A flower! I'm going to eat it!
Me: (loud noise to signal it's not ok to eat)
Blake: (cute giggling) So if I eat this flower, you'll make that sound? I'm going to put everything I see in my mouth! It's a game! It's a game! We're playing a game!
Me: Oh no. I've created a monster.

(10 minutes after the "don't eat that" game)
Blake: Is it time to go in yet? I'm tired of not being able to eat stuff.
Me: No! We're having fun! Oooo I hear a siren!

Blake: Cah! Cah!
Me: Ya it's a car! 

Blake: Yea! Loud noises!

Blake: Hey! Where are they going?

Blake: Mmmm, this chipping paint looks delicious! I think I'll...
Me: Nooooo! You'll die if you eat that! Yuck!
Blake: Oh, oh! We're playing that game again! I'm just going to open my mouth and taste it.

Me: I think it's time to go inside. 
Blake: Awww man. It was just getting good. We were going to play that game again where I eat stuff and you make loud noises and I laugh an insanely cute laugh so you keep making that noise. Remember that game, Mom?
Me: Yes I remember that game.

Blake: Ok, let's go in.

Blake: You comin'?
Me: Yes, yes I'm coming!


Tori Wilding said...

baaaaaaaaaahahah I love the picture with ambulance and the one after it! How cute!! So now he likes when you make the sound to not put something "yucky" in his mouth? Yikes!!!

Losing Brownies said...

I totally need to get some bubbles! That sounds like a great outdoor activity!

Chelsea said...

Cute! Wish it were warm enough here to play outside - STILL SNOWING in Utah and it's days before May. Lame.

Lindsay said...

I guess it really has been a while since I've seen you guys. He's getting so BIG!