Thursday, April 7, 2011


It's a known fact (among my friends and family) that I hate flying for various reasons. The biggest reason is turbulence. There's nothing like turbulence to make you repent of all your wrong-doings, swear you'll be a saint for the rest of your life, and plead with God that the turbulence will stop and that you will land safely.

Now, tied with the biggest reason I hate flying is this: barf. I guess Blake inherited my I-hate-anything-that-feels-like-a-roller-coaster gene. He hates the way elevators make his tummy feel. He doesn't really enjoy being thrown playfully into the air. And he HATES turbulence, just like his mom. This was made glaringly obvious when he spewed the contents of his stomach all over himself and me as we landed in Washington D.C. on Tuesday night. I could tell the turbulence was making him feel funny but had no clue that he was about to refund his dinner (and all associated snacks I had pumped him full of hoping to keep him happy during a 2 hour flight delay and 1 and half hour flight).

The flight attendants and cleaning crew were not too happy that this little 1 year old had ralphed all over seat 20C. But frankly, I couldn't care less. I had to wear said ralphage off the plane, walk through a crowd of people waiting to board the plane I had just flown in on, get my luggage, and change my clothes and my baby's clothes in an airport bathroom. As far as I'm concerned, they should be thanking me that I was able to make a neat little pile of his vomit on the floor. You're welcome, cleaning crew.

So, while I can't control turbulence or know exactly when Blake will get sick on a plane, I WILL be prepared next time. I will be taking a few gallon ziplock bags and have them as ready as I can in case this happens again. I just know the barf bags on the plane won't do the job I need them to do.

I'm also considering getting one of these, just in case.


Chelsea said...

great idea!

Losing Brownies said...

Oh no!! Poor babe. Flying is stressful as it is without getting sick!

Katie said...

barfing on a plane is the WORST! i did when i was pregnant with ruth, it was humiliating!

vdg family said...

You are hilarious! I love your writing. Please come back and write more soon. So sorry about the circumstances, you are a good sport.