Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Sunday morning. 6:30 am. Shower. Get ready for church. 7:00 am. Feed Blake. 7:30 am. We're supposed to be ready to leave for early church meetings, but we aren't.

Ok, so I'm going to be late. That's ok. I tried really hard to get to my meeting on time.

7:40 am. Open door to a torrential downpour. There's no way I can go out in this weather. There's no way I can stay dry. I guess I'm going to get wet because we have to leave now. Here we go.7:42 am. Rain lets up a bit. Right shoe soaked after stepping in a huge puddle.

7:44 am. Stupid wet hands. Stupid metro card stuck in my wallet. Stupid heavy stroller filled with too much stuff. 7:45 am. Stupid train I just barely missed which means I'm really going to be late for my meeting. Wait, no, with all due respect, this is not how it's supposed to work, Heavenly Father. I went out into the rain. I decided it was more important to go to church wet than to stay home and be dry. I made that sacrifice. Ok, so it wasn't a huge sacrifice, but still. You were supposed to make that train wait for me. You know the, "We are being held by the train's dispatcher" thing they always say when the train stops for no reason or stays in the station longer than usual. Ya, I was supposed to be on that train. That was my blessing for walking in the rain.

7:47 am. Cue tears. Awesome. I'm crying in the subway. Ok not crying, just trying not to let the tears roll down my face. Oh who cares. My make up and hair are already ruined anyway. I was supposed to be on that train. Why am I upset about missing that train? So what if I'm late? It's not that time of the month, so why am I being so emotional?

7:58 am. It's going to be another 10 minutes before a train comes. I tried. I tried my best to leave on time. 8:02 am. Train is coming. Ok good. But don't be disappointed if you miss the other train you need to catch because the way this day is going, that's exactly what's going to happen.

8:11 am. Ok, I'll run for the next train, but don't be mad if you miss it. Running up first set of steps. Hear the train coming to a stop and doors opening. Running down next set of steps. There it is. There's the train I need. I'm not going to make it. 8:12 am. I made it. "We are being held by the train's dispatcher." Of course.

8:17 am. There's actually a chance I could be on time for my meeting. 8:31 am. Here's our stop. Ok, only a few minutes late. 8:32 am. I walk past the Bishop's office door just as Evan is coming out. Right on time.

8:33 am. You can be happy on the days that go your way. But can you be happy on the days that don't?

Still workin' on that one.


Losing Brownies said...

Gosh, it sounds like a rough morning. How did the rest of the day go? Did it get any better?

vdg family said...

Every time I see you at church I think you are pretty amazing. . . just saying. You're doing great things!

Tori Wilding said...

ditto what vdg family said! :)

Lindsay said...

And this is why this life we are living in Brooklyn is so hard. And why there are so many times when I just want to run away from it all. People often tell me that I appear to have it all together all of the time, but I have a hard time believing them because most of my days go down exactly like this one of yours did, tears and all. And even though I know you probably won't believe (because, like I said above, I don't usually believe it when people say it to me), you really do appear to have it more together than you probably feel you do. Hang in there. Brooklyn is definitely more do-able when the sun comes out.