Monday, August 22, 2011

Seeing New York- Central Park Zoo

What's better than going to the Central Park Zoo on a Monday? Getting to go for free! My friend Ashley invited Blake and I to go with her and her daughter to see the sea lions and penguins (among other animals) at the Central Park Zoo.

The last time we were in Central Park, we passed by the zoo and Evan and I tried to walk in with no tickets. We weren't trying to sneak in. We just didn't know you needed tickets. Of course we were promptly stopped and pointed in the direction of the ticket booth, but after finding out admission wasn't free, we passed on a trip to the zoo.

We started out at the sea lion tank and watched them put on a little show. Blake seemed to enjoy it but was just as intrigued by the random bird or 2 that would fly by.

Next we went to see the penguins and puffins. Blake loved watching the penguins zoom by as they swam under water.

Then it was on to the snow leopard, but apparently he was on vacation somewhere. We did get to see half of a polar bear. It totally could have been a stuffed polar bear and we would have been none the wiser.

 Can you spot the polar bear?
 And then we entered the tropic zone...

The birds would hop up on the railing and fly around the exhibit. Blake was adamant about touching this Victoria Crowned Pigeon, but I was afraid it would turn around and eat him. Or at least bite him. He wasn't too happy when he didn't get to chase it down and touch it.

After that we headed up to the children's zoo for a few more adventures. Blake had fun playing in the giant turtle eggs and running through the logs.

To end our trip, we hung out with the goats. Blake was almost brave enough to touch them, but each time his finger came within an inch of their mouths, he'd pull away and laugh. I was okay with him not letting the goats nibble on his finger.

We had a great time at the zoo! They even let me take home a monkey.


the jensen's said...

Love these pictures of your little monkey! I wish you could have taken home my monkey with you, too. I would have totally let you. We had such a fun time with you that day - let's get together soon!

vdg family said...

How fun! You got the cutest little monkey of the bunch!!!

Tori Wilding said...