Monday, February 6, 2012

Adventures with a 1 year old- Playing with the big(ger) kids

Most of our experiences at the playground involve Blake trying to get kids to chase him. And usually those kids aren't too interested. A few times Blake has tried to play with a group of little kids only to be rejected (usually it's girls who do the rejecting.)

But on a 60 degree January day, Blake was actually invited to join a group.

"Come on! We're gonna make pizza! Tell him to come on!"

Blake happily ran around with 2 other boys while one of them pretended to make pizza. And then pretended that someone was touching their pizza and ran around trying to defend their imaginary pie. All Blake understood was that these boys were running and he wanted to run around with them.

Pretty much the cutest thing ever.


Lindsay said...

I love it when my boys find friends at the playground. In fact, that's what Garrett loves the most about going to the park these days -- finding new friends to play with. It's so great to watch him pick out people to play with -- and even greater when want to play with him, too.

Tori Wilding said...

yes! I love when kids are nice to each other!