Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Adventures with a 1 year old-Walking...everywhere

Blake is nearly 30 lbs.

His stroller is about 9 lbs.

That means I'm hoisting close to 40 lbs up and down our stairs, up and down subway stairs, up and down the stairs of friends we visit.

So in recent weeks I've started taking Blake out without his stroller. Our first attempt ended in me throwing him over my shoulder and swearing I'd only take him out if he was strapped into something. It all fell apart when he refused to hold my hand as we crossed the street.

But, after some practicing around the neighborhood, Blake does pretty well walking with me on our little outings. The rule is he either holds my hand or I have to carry him. He generally opts to hold my hand.

It is a pain when he decides to throw a tantrum as we're walking and everything we do takes twice as long when he walks, but it's nice to not have to worry about taking the stroller everywhere.

I've also added a few phrases to my daily vocabulary:

Don't step in the poop!

Hurry hurry hurry hurry!

Do you want me to carry you? (No is usually the answer.)

If you don't hold my hand then I have to carry you.

Yes, it's a rock. Can we please keep going?!

I can't believe that soon I'll be writing about my adventures with a 2 year old!


Shaunel said...

ha ha. Today, we only had one grocery bag after our grocery store trip. So, I left the cart at the door and let Jackson walk to the car holding my hand.

Bad idea. This soon translated into screaming child pulling my hair as I tried to carry him, the diaper bag and the groceries through the parking lot. I guess we should do some more practicing.

Tori Wilding said...

hahaha I love, "hurry hurry hurry!" because I'm just imagining his little legs trying to run as fast as he can!