Friday, June 27, 2008

manners shmanners

Most of the time I'm a pretty happy person. As noted below I'm not a particularly smiley person, but I am generally happy about my life. But on some occasions I tend to feel like this:
I mean, everybody has those days. Everybody knows what, what I'm talking about. Everybody gets that way. Yesterday happened to be one of those days described above by the picture. Take a seat and relax as I recount the event that led to my frustrations yesterday.

I like the summer season. It's beautiful outside. I can lay in the sun or play in the grass. Unfortunately I spend most of my days in an office...posting blogs. But I have learned that this is the life of the average adult. (Why did I want to grow up so quickly when I was younger?) So I usually enjoy my lunch break when I get to go outside and be in the sun for a little while. As I was coming back from lunch yesterday I decided to bring a few wedding gifts to wrap at work. I wasn't going to be doing much else, so two birds, one stone. I carried the gifts in a bag and the bag started to rip which forced me to carry the bag in my arms instead of holding it by the handles. On top of this I was carrying the wrapping paper and my purse. As I approached the building in which I work I started to think of the most efficient way for me to open the door and enter said building. Since my hands were occupied I figured I would have to set the gifts on the ground, open the door, grab the gifts, hold the door with my butt, and scoot into the building. I know you've all seen it done before.

But, as I got closer to the door I saw a guy in the building that was about to make his exit thus opening a door for me to walk through. We make eye contact and I think, "Oh yes! He sees me and notes my struggle in carrying these gifts. He'll hold the door for me." So I approached the door with every intention of pausing for the man, then having him hold the door for me and walking in with no problems. Unfortunately this man must have forgotten his manners that day. As I said, he made eye contact with me and yet he simply breezed through the door without so much as swinging the door wide open so that I could scurry through quickly. It was almost as if he squeezed through the door with just enough space to let himself through causing the door to close quickly behind him leaving me no chance of entry. I kind of stopped abruptly and wanted to say, "Hey thanks! You obviously saw me with my hands completely full. I'm walking like I am 9 months pregnant and yet you can't even take .25481 seconds to hold the door for me!" But of course I didn't. I just loudly struggled to open the door trying to make sure he heard me grunting. I wanted him to feel bad! So I balanced the gifts in one hand and opened the door just enough to stick my leg in so the door was propped open. Then I kicked it open and shuffled through trying not to let the door catch my heel. I made it in the building but with no help from no manners man.

When I told my husband about what happened he tried to convince me that the man was probably blind and did not see me. I quickly informed my husband that the man was not using a white cane so he probably wasn't blind. My husband then quipped, "Maybe he was using echolocation." I told him that's the most ridiculous thing I'd ever heard.

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