Wednesday, June 25, 2008

to run or not to run...

In case you are like me and spend more time researching exercise tips rather than actually exercising you may find this article enlightening. As I trudged up the stairs to the weight room I tried to psych myself up for my routine mile run on the treadmill. (Yes only a mile. I'm trying to build up my stamina. I think I might actually have exercise-induced asthma. ( Anyway so I walk up to the treadmill and noticed that the little emergency magnet thing was gone meaning the treadmill would not work. To my slight dismay I noticed that only 1 of the 6 treadmills had the magnet thingy attached and was actually working bu was currently occupied. So I decided I'd have to use the elliptical machine. I always feel like I'm wasting my time on that machine because A) I feel like it only works my legs and doesn't get my heart rate up and B) I look like an idiot when I'm on it. To me it doesn't really simulate running. It simulates me looking like an idiot. Alas I climbed aboard the elliptical and started idioting (I can't call it running. Maybe it's more like ellipticalling.) I worked up a pretty good sweat but didn't really feel out of breath.

I decided once and for all that I would find out if the treadmill was better than the elliptical motion machine. Check out this article for the down-low on treadmills and ellipticals.!&id=116198 (Personally I think the author is pro-elliptical making the article slightly biased. My research continues.)

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Tori Wilding said...

Words I liked in this post:
"It simulates me looking like an idiot"