Friday, February 18, 2011

Mommies need playgroups, too. (if not more than the children)

On Monday when I saw the forecast for this week, I was overjoyed that there was a possibility of 60 degree weather by Friday. I seem to forget during the summer how much I detest the cold. I'm all for the winter wardrobe, just not the frigid temperatures that come with this season. And the snow...oh the snow that is still lingering on sidewalks and street corners from who knows how many weeks ago. I'm ready for warmer weather, and that's exactly what we had today!

Except...Blake is sick. Well, he doesn't act sick in the least. He just sounds horrible. Stuffy nose, terrible cough that is really only present when he's laying down or just waking up from a nap. Oh, and he feels feverish sometimes. Last night he even refused a bottle. I don't think that's ever happened...ever.

I remember thinking on Monday that I wouldn't be surprised if something happened that prevented us from going to playgroup at the park today. And I was right. We probably could have gone and it would have been fine. But this particular park isn't exactly close to our house so if he decided to start acting sick it was going to be a long walk back home. Too bad it seems like the really good parks are no where near where I live. (When I say near, I mean 10 minute walking time. Driving would be no problem.) I've seen the parks that are a 10 minute walk from our place. Kiiiiiiiinda shady lookin' if you ask me.

I almost went to playgroup. But I was really going for me, not Blake. Don't get me wrong, Blake is tired of my face and would love to have seen someone else's mug for a while. I really would have been going to satisfy my need for some grown-up conversation. And while I do believe having Blake interact with other kids is crucial to his social development, I think allowing myself to talk in a regular voice about normal stuff is crucial to my sanity. Oh well. There's always next Friday (which probably will be cold again. Curse you global warming with your crazy seasons!! (I don't really know if it has anything to do with global warming. I just need something to blame.))

We did go outside and take pictures. Well, Blake wasn't really a willing participant. Oh and crazy Willy from across the street decided to creepily wave to us. I haven't talked about crazy Willy only because it's been too cold to sit outside for any amount of time. I'm sure he'll be making an appearance as spring shows up.


rach said...

WOW!Blake looks so much like you in that picture!
I'm sorry you didn't get to go out and have adult time! hopefully he feels better and the weather is fantastic next week!

vdg family said...

My kids were sick too so we didn't end up going either.

Lindsay said...

You were definitely missed! But, if it makes you feel better, you didn't miss much. I'm actually surprised that so few people were able to come. I guess warm weather comes with a heavy, health-related price tag. Don't worry -- there will be a next time! :) Hope everyone recovers soon!

Tori Wilding said...

Blake looks really athletic in his outfit. Or popular. All the popular boys at school wear ADIDAS...or they did when I was in school. :)