Thursday, February 24, 2011

things at which Blake likes to clap

I can't end a sentence with the word "at". (I know I just did.)

The cutest skill Blake has learned to date is that of clapping. I didn't really think about Blake learning how to clap until one day I was reading a friend's blog and noticed her 9 month old clapping. And since I noticed Blake hadn't learned how to clap I decided to teach him. But, he wasn't really interested in my clapping lessons, so the clapping lessons were stopped. (I told him he'll regret it when he is older. He'll be sitting in school and everyone will start clapping because there is a surprise ice cream party and he'll just have to sit there wondering how all the other kids are making that noise. They kept up their clapping lessons, Blake.)

Then last week while I was playing with Blake, he crawled away and sat with his back facing me. When I looked over I noticed he was looking at his hands and clapping them together. It was almost as if he didn't want me to see him clapping until he could get it just right. And it was pretty much the cutest thing he's ever done. Now he claps all the time and we get to witness the cuteness whenever we want.

Blake likes to clap at:
the computer
Mom drinking from the juice carton
the water pitcher
dropping his food on the floor
after each bite of yogurt
anyone who claps at him
nap time, in his crib (which is probably the cutest because you just hear the light clap of his hands)

Love this kid!


Tori Wilding said...

I like how he started to do it until Evan walked in! haha!!

Losing Brownies said...

Cute! The Boy doesn't get clapping quite yet, but think it will be soon!

vdg family said...

So sweet! Hooray for Blake--clapper extraordinaire.