Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Morning routine

3 out of my 5 weekday mornings go a little something like this:

wake up
combination of laying on the couch/playing with Blake
convince myself we'll walk to the far playground since we haven't been there in a while
talk myself out of doing that (too far, too hot, it smelled terrible last time we were there)
convince myself we'll go to the not-as-far-away playground
talk myself out of doing that (still too far, still too hot, last time we went Blake threw the mother of all tantrums when it was time to go)
convince myself we'll go to the super close playground
talk myself out of doing that (we go there all the time, no shade, shirtless old men sitting around)
think of something to do on our stoop

By the time 10am rolls around I've gathered what energy I do have to get myself ready for the day and we're out the door to sit on our steps for a little while blowing bubbles, painting the sidewalk with water, or collecting leaves.

On the rarest of occasions I'll think of a fun activity we haven't done before and it will come together beautifully, with very little effort and planning on my part.

So today at 10:30 when it was apparent we weren't going to do any of the grandiose things I had laid on the couch thinking about doing, I thought I could handle walking to the closest 99 cent store, picking up some paint, and letting Blake paint outside for a little while. We got our supplies and headed home, where I was able to fashion some easels out of an old diaper box. Once outside, I explained to Blake the basics of using watercolors and let him go.

one for Blake, one for Mom

so focused he didn't notice me snapping pictures

chasing the fly that wouldn't leave him alone

Ahhh, much better

Gallery worthy
So that fills my good mom quota for the week, right? I don't have to try to come up with anymore fun stuff to do until next week, right? Ok good.

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