Monday, August 6, 2012

Potty Training: Thoughts on Day 1

-Ok, let's get this started!

-I'm too tired to do this.

-2 accidents already? We've only been at this an hour, but I thought for sure he'd get the hang of it pretty quickly.

-On the other hand, how much can I expect from a 2 year old who's only ever peed when the urge came? 2 accidents probably isn't that bad.

-When is nap time?

-I think I've said, "Blake, do you need to go to the potty?" almost 300 times today.

-Another accident. He caught himself and ran to the potty, so I guess that's progress.

-I'm never going to be able to leave my house again.

-I should've made Evan take work off so he could train Blake.

-If this bout of training doesn't take, it's Evan's turn to try next.

-It's a good thing I started this training now, because 8 months pregnant Whitney would've said, "Let him stay in diapers."

-I didn't realize how much of my day was being spent on the couch. I miss you, couch.


Lindsay said...

Oh man, your Day 1 thoughts are hauntingly familiar!

Shaunel said...

And 8 month preggo shaunel said: diapers are the best! [We're shooting for october...] GOOD LUCK!