Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Potty Training: Day 3

To be perfectly honest, this whole potty training thing has gone incredibly well. Blake hasn't had an accident since the first day and he's going to the bathroom unprompted and taking care of most of the duties that come along with toileting oneself (not all, of course). We haven't ventured far from home, so teaching him how to hold it for longer periods while we are not near a bathroom will be our next hurdle. I know there will be accidents and bed-wettings in our future, but that's normal. My only concerns now are:

-being away from home and not having a bathroom accessible (as mentioned above)

-weaning Blake from the treats he so readily receives for a successful trip to the bathroom (I've only been giving him a treat if he remembers to ask for one. I figure I won't buy anymore candy/small toys and when we're all out then that's it for potty rewards.)

-him using going to the bathroom to stall nap/bed time. (He's already started to do this.)

All in all, this potty training stuff has been a very positive experience. And I think it's due in large part to Blake being ready. While I think the techniques* I've used have worked well (especially for accidents), I don't think the past 3 days would have gone nearly as well if Blake had not been ready to learn how to use the potty. And I can't imagine struggling with him day in and day out if he had decided it wasn't time. So thanks, Blake. We make a great team! (And Daddy, too!)

*And thanks, Lindsay for letting me borrow your potty training book!


Lindsay said...

Try this for weaning him off the treats: Show him how many treats are left (and if you want to reduce how many are actually left, by all means, do it!) and tell him that when they're gone, they're gone because by then he'll be a big enough boy to not need them anymore. That's how I weaned G & C from their reward treats and it worked great because even they recognized they didn't need them anymore.

But when you figure out how to stop the need to use the potty from being a bedtime stalling technique, let me know your trick. ;)

Also, HOORAY! You officially have a big boy! :)

Tori Wilding said...

You go, Mom!!!!