Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Potty Training: Thoughts on Day 2

6:45 am:
Blake: Mom! Mom! Momma! Mom!
Me: (Ugh, seriously!) (stumble into Blake's room) Good morning, Blakey!
Blake: Need go pee-pee!!
Me: Oh ok, let's go fast fast fast!

-I can't believe he stayed dry all night. That's awesome!

-I should have bought a stash of treats for myself.

-Wow. I think poop in a training potty is more disgusting than poop in a diaper.

-No accidents so far! Maybe we can go for a short walk outside.

-Short walk turned into playground visit. Wonder how long this will last.

-Do we walk home or do I let him pee at the playground? If we go home we aren't coming back and we've only been here 5 minutes.

-Ok, so I'm one of those, "You can pee in the bushes" kind of moms. Note to self: don't let Blake play in the bushes anymore.

-2 potty attempts in the bushes. Time to head home before he wets himself.

-Yes! Nap time!

1 comment:

cherry said...

The note to self Dont let Blake play in the bushes crack me up. I did that too when my girls were young!!