Wednesday, October 6, 2010

makened or breakened?

I know those aren't words, I just like the way they sound together. Based on yesterday's post, let's see how my day fared:

make- Blake slept for about an hour and a half for one of his afternoon naps.

break- I found out my winter clothes don't fit me. I guess I'm not really surprised. Although I thought for sure one shirt was definitely going to fit. Yes, I wore them anyway. Well I certainly wasn't going to be going to my dentist appointment naked!

make- I took the first step in finding a solution to my tooth problem.

break- I found out at the dentist office that I don't have dental coverage. 1 giant leap backward. I found out that we do have dental coverage but I took the wrong insurance card and now have to reschedule my appointment. Poop.

make- While shopping at the local supermarket, I found Edy's ice cream on sale for $2! (That should count for 2 makes. And even though eating ice cream makes my tooth hurt like no other, I eat it anyway...which is why my winter clothes don't fit.)

break- I couldn't get everything I needed at the supermarket because I had to push a stroller.

make- Yesterday morning it seemed like Blake was playing with me. Usually I just try to entertain him, but he rolled over and gave me what I'm calling a hug (even if he didn't know what he was doing.) It was cute.

break- I saw a used...ahem...contraceptive device on the sidewalk just as my stroller rolled over it. Sick.

It looks as if things pretty much evened out, making my day a pretty normal day. Lots of makes, lots of breaks. (Well, slightly more makes due to cheap ice cream.)


Losing Brownies said...

I hate when I had to take the stroller to the grocery store. Have you thought about baby wearing? I bought a BabyHawk and an Ergo carrier and now shopping is a breeze!

Whitney said...

I have a baby carrier and love using it. I was just close to the store and decided to stop in and grab as much as I could.

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

I'm with ya girl!

Make: found amazing maple cookies at Trader Joes

Break: they are 110 cal each and I ate a few too many before figuring that out.

Whitney said...

I still would have eaten them after I knew how many calories were in them. I always convince myself I'll burn it off later. It never happens.

WhisperingWriter said...

Ew, used? Yucky!!

Emily said...

I am laughing out loud at that last "Break." Gotta love Sunset Park. And finding them on the playground is even more fun :)

adam said...

You got to wonder how those "used water balloons" get on the sidewalk in the first place.

Whitney said...

Ugh I guess I should count my blessings and be grateful it wasn't on a playground! Eww and who is just carrying it around. I feel nauseous.