Monday, October 4, 2010

Our Weekend

This is what we did pretty much all weekend:
Yep! You guessed it! We got Blake his own computer and let him watch uplifting things online. No, that's not true. Actually we were able to watch General Conference. It was a nice relaxing weekend with a few walks around the block and naps between (and maybe sometimes for a few minutes during) sessions.

We also did this:
 I started giving Blake juice in a sippy cup. I always get excited when we move on to something new (like bigger diapers, bigger clothes, different foods). But I always end up being more excited than Blake is about it. He took a few sips from his sippy cup and then abandoned it. And I had spent so much time standing in Target looking at the 1,000 different types of sippy cups they had! (Ok, that's not true because if you go to the same Target I go to, you know it is rarely well-stocked and I dread going there.) But I still took a few minutes to decide which sippy cup was best. With every new stage we come to I'm learning that we get to leave behind some old challenges and take on a bunch of new challenges. I should probably stop getting excited about all these new things because one day we'll move on to the stage where he's telling me he doesn't need me to wipe his nose or hold his hand. So carpe the diem, right? (You know, seize the carp.)

And just for your viewing and listening pleasure (and mostly for my mom to see):
"Wow! 3 videos!" is probably what you are thinking. You can thank me later. (I accept gift cards, cold hard cash, and baked goods.)


Evan said...

Blake sure did enjoy his first conference - I loved when it looked like he was conducting the choir!

Losing Brownies said...

The first two videos are blank :o(

vdg family said...

I understand about the Target issue. I love your writing.

WhisperingWriter said...

It's okay, I get excited about new things too.