Friday, October 1, 2010

last night

was the longest night of my life. Blake has had stuffy nose for a few days, so I've been debating whether to take him to the doctor. He hasn't had much of a fever and seems to be as happy as ever, just with a lot more stuff coming out of his nose than normal. So I don't know whether to attribute his stuffy nose to the weather, allergies to a new food, or something more serious. Because he still seems to be happy and doesn't have a fever anymore, I'm guessing he's ok. Doctor visit avoided (until next week when he has his 6 month check up).

Enter last night. I had been dealing with a sore throat and stuffy nose all day and attributed it to the night I stayed up with Blake until 4 am due to his stuffy nose. It seems when I don't get enough sleep whatever is lurking in the shadows of my cells decides to come out and take advantage of my weak immune system. I imagine it looks something like this:

So while I tried to sleep last night, little green guy was wreaking havoc on everything above my shoulders. I went to bed feeling ok, but woke up shortly after I had fallen asleep to a fever/chills, an even worse sore throat, no possible way of breathing through my nose, and worst of all, my jaw was aching. I don't even know what it means if you have a cold and your jaw hurts but I can't imagine it's a good thing. So I laid awake in bed for most of the night just praying for the light to break through the window so this night would be over. I remember laying there with my mouth open (to breathe of course) and my eyes half shut. I knew I looked like a hot mess because I felt like a hot mess. I checked my phone and it was only 3 am. I stayed in bed listening to the wind blow and wondering if the storm had already come and gone. Then I thought, "Who cares about the storm. I'm dyin' here!" Finally around 4:30 I got up and took some medicine and laid on the couch for an hour. I think I probably got a total of 2 hours of sleep last night. Boo.

Luckily when I got up for the second time this morning to make Blake a bottle, I was feeling better. My jaw had stopped aching, my throat wasn't as sore, and I thought there was a chance I could actually sleep. So Blake and I took an early morning nap for a few hours and here we are. I still feel terrible, but it's mostly a stuffy nose now, which I feel like I can handle. I really don't want to go to the doctor, mainly because I don't have a doctor here so I'll have to find one and walk in the rain with my baby to the doctor's office. Boo on that too. 


Losing Brownies said...

The Boy has had some nasty boogies and seemed to have problems breathing through his nose. I called the nurses line and she recommended using Baby Simply Saline since he didn't have a fever. I used it, although he didn't care much for it, but it got the boogies out of the way so he could breath.

Audra said...

We've got the boogers here as well - only the Hubs is well (for now). I was just getting well from the last wave of illness when this one struck and all sleep went out the window. Thankfully the kids are on the mend and I didn't get the fever you did. My doctor told me to take a vitamin D supplement to help my bones AND to boost my immune system. I totally notice a difference when I take it.
Feel better!

Whitney said...

I'll look for the saline solution! Thanks! And I have been taking vitamin D as well. Maybe I'll up the dosage a little. Thank you!

Emily said...

Ugh. You get the brownie. All four of ours have stuffy noses. Boos all around. Hope you feel better!

Lindsay said...

So sorry to hear you've been sick! I passed the cold around my family this week -- we've all been sniffling. Luckily the only person it attacked super hard was me last Sunday. Feel better soon!