Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Making my day

Things that make my day (in no particular order):

1. Blake taking 2 naps in the afternoon, both longer than 20 minutes (hate those faux naps!)

2. When the laundromat isn't busy and I don't have to try to worm my way through a sea of carts and people

3. Pharmacists who are nice (boo on you Rite Aid)

4. Getting an email saying my order has been shipped! (Hello new clothes that probably won't fit me now but that are my motivation to get in shape!)

5. Blake looking over Evan's shoulder to find where I am in the room

6. Evan getting home before 7

7. Laundry for the week being done before Tuesday

8. Finding this website: and creating something to frame and put in Blake's room

9. Getting a shower before noon

10. Switching out my summer clothes for my winter clothes

Things that might break my day:

1. Finding out those winter clothes don't fit me anymore

2. Being told I need a root canal...a very expensive root canal


vdg family said...

I hope the clothes fit you. I'm going to have to check out I need cute things for my kids' room.

Losing Brownies said...

I have a closet full of clothes that I'm aching to fit back into. Its so hard to part with them!

Whitney said...

I know! I have a dress that I couldn't wear even before I was pregnant and I really want to be able to wear it!

RedBarn said...

Ya what is it about Rite Aid people being so rude? I do love to coupon shop there but I will never use their pharmacy!