Thursday, October 7, 2010


I was in Duane Reade the other day waiting for my prescription to be filled and decided to walk around and look at stuff. Nothing in particular, just stuff. Then I noticed something I had never seen before: single-use underwear for ladies. What? I picked up the package and looked for an explanation as to why anyone would need disposable underwear. No explanation. Are women spilling stuff on their regular underwear and think wearing disposable underwear would just be easier to deal with? Or maybe underwear is just disappearing and some women find it easier to buy underwear they are going to throw away after one use anyway. I don't get why anyone would ever need these. Ever.

Update: So I found the company that makes the disposable panties I saw. Their website describes the panties for this use: Because you never know when that time of the month will take you by surprise. Because on the last trip, the airline lost your luggage. Because they're small, and fit anywhere. Because you never know when you're going to work up a sweat.

While I don't think any of the above reasons would convince me to buy them, I guess other people may see them as necessary.


rach said...

I would guess its for either

A. Whores. cause you dont wanna leave your nice panties at some random guys house after a night of debauchery.

b. Women who have just had either babies or who-ha surgery. cause i hear your still leaking or healing or whatever and it might be easier than having a pad on for some women. makes sense to me.

c. gross people.

and thats all i can think of haha!

Chelsea said...

hahah nice one "rach". Was it like depends underwear which is meant for bladder protection? Cause I could understand why you would want to throw that away!

Whitney said...

No it wasn't depends underwear. It was like sexy panty or thong underwear. They had disposable thongs!

Losing Brownies said...

I used them after the birth of my son. I have an issue with blood and sanitation and would just toss my good ones if I started my monthly and didn't want to do that after The Boy was born.

Also, I know that spas provide them, in case you forget a new pair or if you misplace them.

Whitney said...

I guess I've never had an issue with things like that. So it's probably a good thing they make them for people that do. Good to know!

Chelsea said...

I thought that was what pantiliners and washing machines were for....they even have pantyliner for thongs....though I'm not really sure what they are protecting, lol.

Whitney said...

Me too, Chelsea. I guess there are other ways to deal with those situations, i.e. disposable panties.