Thursday, March 31, 2011

A conversation with Life

Life: Hey Whitney! How are you these days?

Me: I'm good. Well, actually, I'm kind of upset with you.

Life: Why? What did I do this time?

Me: Well, I've discovered something that's a little unfair about you. And it's upsetting me.

Life: I know. I know. It's not fair that some people are rich and some people are poor. And it's not fair that children are starving in the world while you get to throw away food. I get it. But, that's just me. That's just Life.

Me: Oh, actually I was talking about something else that's not fair. And now that I think about it, it pales in comparison to the disparity you just mentioned.

Life: Well, what is it? What's so unfair?

Me: Well, I just noticed noticed something in the mirror today. I'm just getting over a minor breakout of zits. AND I have a few gray hairs. And I was just thinking that it's not really fair that I'm too old for zits and too young for gray hair, yet I have them

Life: Ya, you're right. That's not really fair at all. I mean, you probably thought when you were a little girl that there would be a time in your life that you'd have clear skin and thick, beautiful, dark brown hair. And that it would be like that for a good chunk of your life.

Me: Ya! I did, actually.

Life: Well, sorry sister. That's just not how I go. That's not the way Life works. But at least you have your health. And food to eat. And a place to sleep at night. And clothes to wear. And...

Me: Ok ok I get it. I'll shut up now...


Lindsay said...

I have to reminding myself that one day perfection will be attained. I'll have to wait until the resurrection to get it, but I WILL get it, dang it.

(The word verification seemed appropriate for this post: suckswa. Interpret as you will.)

Tori Wilding said...

I agree with Lindsay!!!