Thursday, March 3, 2011

tooth fairy

First, I thought it was a cold.

After a few days I was convinced it was croup. He developed the classic barky cough that's associated with croup.

It went away.

Next was the allergy theory. I was almost certain after 2 days of watery eyes, runny nose, and a ridiculous amount of sneezing that my son was now allergic to something in our apartment. It was going to be mold. I just knew it.

Next came the coughing spells with gasps for air in between. Pertussis. Yep. He fit the description perfectly. Starts out with cold symptoms, then 2 weeks later the whooping cough appears and antibiotics were going to be needed.

Lots of snot, one doctor visit, and $40 later I learned what my son had come down with: a nice pair of 2 front teeth.

(In my defense, he's been sick for over 2 weeks AND the nice nurse on the 24 hour nurse line recommended I take him to the doctor.)


Chelsea said...

I hate when that happens! What an expense trip to tooth fairy land ;)

Lindsay said...

Yeah, those kind of trips to the doctor stink. But it's probably good you went in. Every time my boys are sprouting teeth, their defenses go way down and they get sick easily. Sometimes it's just a little cold, but a few times it's exploded into bronchitis. Anyway, even if you feel silly, don't kick yourself too hard. It's better to be a good, caring parent and be embarrassed at the doctor's office than to let your kid stay miserable. So, go you! :)

Also, yay for new teeth! :)