Wednesday, March 9, 2011

my morning

6:30- bottle for Blake
8:00- shower, get ready
8:25- check email
8:35- wake Blake, eat breakfast
9:00- finish getting ready, dress Blake
9:03- "Blake, please please please poop before we leave so Jill doesn't have to change you."
9:04- "Poop, poop, poop, poop!"
9:05- "You have until 9:10 to poop. The diaper will be changed at 9:10."
9:05- squatting and grunting
9:10- diaper change, finish dressing Blake
9:15- We are actually ready on time and heading out the door.
9:18- Yes! I have enough for a subway fair, meaning I don't have to try to refill my card while holding Blake. (bye bye $2.25)
9:19- Train! Well, I wanted to catch the one after this train. But who knows how long I'll have to wait if I don't get on this one. Better early than late.
9:22- One stop later: "This is 59th Street. This is the last stop for this train. It will not be transporting passengers. Please get off and wait for the next 95th Street bound train."
9:26- watch the train conductor walk through every subway car to make sure no passengers stayed on when they closed the doors
9:29- board the next train
9:35- drop Blake off at Jill's (thank you thank you thank you!)
9:39- swipe card again (another $2.25)
9:42- Jeez!!! Someone had garlic for dinner last night!
9:55- get off train and walk to dental office
10:00- find dental office, but walk around because I'm 30 minutes early
10:04- go into dental office, fill out forms
10:20- see dental assistant, take x-rays. Why are those stupid things they put in your mouth for x-rays so painful?
10:30- give dentist the history of my sensitive tooth
10:32- Dr. Goldman, with her Russian accent, says she is going to scare me, proceeds to tell me the worst case scenario for my tooth
10:35- cleaning begins, dentist asks me questions, I awkwardly try to answer while she cleans
10:50- review of x-rays, root canal needed ASAP
11:00- root canal referral given, sign referral, nice receptionist tells me how to contact endodontist
11:05- try to pay my co-pay only to find out they don't accept debit cards or check, I have no cash on me
11:10- Erica, nice receptionist, tells me I can pay next time, gives me a toothbrush for Blake and a pink one in case I ever have a girl
11:15- put more money on my metrocard, catch the next train to pick up Blake (yep, another $2.25)
11:20- wonder why a girl on the subway is wearing glasses with no lenses, they look cute, but at least put some fake lenses in them so you don't look silly
11:50- pick Blake up, fussy and needs a nap
11:55- catch next train home (that would be a grand total of $9 in subway fare to go to the dentist)
12:15- nap time for Blake, root canal scheduled

Amazing how life can change in a year...


Tori Wilding said...

....aaaand now I'm tired just from reading about your morning. And yes, those white cardboard things they put in your mouth really do hurt! Eww! So uncomfortable. Mom is right, it's always important to have some cash on you, but that's weird that they wouldn't take anything besides cash or credit. Come on people. Get with the times.

Chelsea said...

I'm just still amazed he pooped. I thought he was going to do it on the Subway. When you mentioned someone smelling like garlic I thought you were going to say it was you, and it was poop. Haha, I must be a mother.

Losing Brownies said...

Wow, I'm a little overwhelmed by reading your day!