Monday, March 7, 2011

Video evidence of why my sister is my best friend

The video below probably won't be funny to anyone else except for my sister and me. It's embarrassing. It's silly. It's not something I want readily available to the world. But, it is the only video evidence I have of why my sister is my best friend. I literally have 5 other videos of us singing this same song, but I'm laughing so hard I can't get through the second verse.

I feel like I've posted this video before...

My sister makes me laugh. I make her laugh. We wear the same outfits way too often. Other people might be embarrassed if this happened to them. We would just point and laugh. I really hope that if I have 2 girls one day, they can be best friends like I am with my sister. It is my goal to live really close to her one day. Then we can make more hilarious videos.


Tori Wilding said...

We. are. psycho. Literally! And Blake doesn't even look like he's being entertained!!!! After all those different takes we had to do! I think he just got tired of the song. Ahhhhhh, welp, best friend, get your bee-hind down to VA so we can train for a 5K! hahaha! I miss you so much!!! "Sorry Mrs. Lumjack!" I love when we g-video chat and we're both wearing our BYU girls camp shirts....or when we show up to aerobics wearing the same workout outfit. I think we were actually supposed to be twins, but I got out of line in Heaven to get some food....or something..... and missed my turn! Thanks for posting this video! I love you, sis!

Chelsea said...

Tori!! "got out of line for some food"...that's the funniest thing I think I've ever read. Sisters are the greatest!