Friday, November 18, 2011


I'm getting my hair cut tonight. I'm going pretty drastic and chopping most of it off. Hopefully the end result will be something like this:

Now, I know I'm not Mandy Moore. I don't expect to turn into her when I get this hair cut. But, I do think I'll like the end result.

When I told my mother I was getting my hair cut short, she so graciously sent me this blast from the past:

I'll be praying to the gods of hair that I won't have a repeat of what my family so lovingly calls "the mushroom".

(And while I have this uber embarrassing picture of myself posted on my blog, can I just say I really have never looked in the mirror and seen this person. How did this photographer manage to capture a side of myself that I've never seen? Ugh, I can't even bare to look at this picture for too long. (And if anyone says this looks exactly like me, I'm going to scream.))


vdg family said...

I think you'll look great! So excited to see the results.I think we've all gone through stages called "the mushroom." My hair tends toward "the pinetree." But I just got it trimmed and I love it.

cherry said...

I am excited to see you on your new haircut, i know it will look fabulous because you have a pretty face, sincerely.

I am also excited about the RS activity, i am not working tomorrow so this will be officially the first RS activity i am attending to, Yay!!

Emily said...

Haha. I love the pic. You are so brave to put it up. But don't worry. This is a picture of a pretty girl caught by a really bad photographer in a slightly not-so-pretty way. What I'm saying is, even when the picture is off, you still look good. Can't wait to see you(r hair) tomorrow!

Tori Wilding said...

MUSHROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!! haaaaa!! I'm really excited for your haircut!!!!!

rach said...

thats such a cute style!! I think it will look great on you- cant wait to see some pictures!