Monday, November 7, 2011

fruit loops

I've started a running list of things I can't feed Blake.

#1: Hot chocolate

#2: Fruit loops

Both of these items cause Blake to ask for them incessantly. How does a 19 month old ask for hot chocolate or fruit loops incessantly, you ask? He walks around saying, "juice!" and refuses anything in his sippy cup that isn't hot chocolate or every 30 minutes he asks for 'froral' (his term for cereal). I'm not opposed to Blake having either one of these items, but when that's all he wants to eat it becomes a problem.

You can imagine his dismay when I told him the 'froral' was all gone.

 Me: Hey Blake! Are you enjoying your cereal?

 Blake: Can I have more froral? It's over there, in the pantry.

  Me: I think you've had enough.
Blake: That's preposterous!
 Blake: Hahaha I know, I have had a lot!

 Blake: But seriously, can I have some more? 

 Me: It's all gone!
Blake: (stunned silence)


vdg family said...

I love the captions. That's how I feel about hot chocolate and . . . other chocolate.

Marie said...

I loved the stunned silence picture! He looks so cute. Good capture.