Monday, November 28, 2011

to leash or not to leash

It seems in the last few weeks, Blake has decided he hates his stroller. And forcing him into it usually makes me regret deciding to take him somewhere. So I've been contemplating getting him one of those "this looks like a monkey backpack but it's really a way for me to keep you from running out in front of a car" leashes.

But then I saw this:

And I laughed as I realized Blake would be exactly like the kid on the ground. As soon as I tried to pull him in the right direction on a walk around the nabe, he'd collapse to the ground and I'd be stuck either dragging him along or hoisting him over my shoulder and carrying him home (both resulting in judgmental looks from passersby).

Personally I think the little backpack leashes look silly. And before I had a kid I never thought I'd consider getting one. But I totally understand why parents use them. Especially if you are going somewhere by yourself and need to be able to keep track of multiple children.

I don't look down on parents who use them. If they work for your kid, great! If they don't (see picture above) then good luck finding something that does. I'm currently searching for a solution myself.


Lindsay said...

We never leashed, but I was really tempted to at times. This age is just really rough for a little while. But if you are firm and super patient, you can teach him to hold your hand (or hold the stroller if he wants to get out and walk). He'll catch on quicker than it seems he will at this moment. This age, as crazy and difficult as it seems, is the best time to help him develop the habit. Just be consistent and always make your expectations clear. And good luck. :)

Tori Wilding said...

"nabe" hahaaa!! That poor woman!! She's going to throw her back out!!

Marie said...

I got a monkey backpack/leash at my baby shower and although I don't use it around the neighborhood it was amazing in the air port!!! My son didn't even care and he felt like he had so much freedom. It was a life saver!

vdg family said...

I have an old monkey one somewhere if you'd like it. We actually ended up not using it very much. But it is kind of fun to use it like a little back pack for them to put thing into. Do you want it? :)