Thursday, December 8, 2011

Apartment Search: NYC edition

If you put the same effort into remodeling this apartment that you did capitalizing every other letter in your post title, then maybe I'd want to rent your apartment. Also, cats aren't that exciting.

Don't you dare classify a studio apartment as a 2 bedroom apartment. A studio apartment means there is a room. One.


 Wow! Only $1450 a month and it comes with a talking closet!

Wow, it's near allllllllllllllll? That's grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat! 

Here's a little advice: the creepier the pictures look, the less likely I am to rent your apartment. Oh, and put the toilet lid down.

 Looks more like somewhere they'd film an episode of Law and Order:SVU

 Cabinets in the kitchen? Why, that's unheard of!

Hey this looks nice! A 2 bedroom for $1395?

Nice kitchen. Ohhh a dishwasher! 
 And look at the outside of the building! 

Maybe I've found somethi...oh. Wait. You said this is what the building looks like, but google maps street view shows me this:


Lindsay said...

Annnddd this is why we decided not to move this summer. Hunting for apartments (in Brooklyn, no less) on craigslist is depressing.

Also, that place with "cabinets in the kitchen" is still for rent? Why am I not surprised?

Emily said...

"Cabinets in the kitchen" made me laugh. "Shelves in the closet! Happy thought, indeed!"

Chelsea said...

sounds like you had a rough day of searching, haha.Please tell me why you haven't gotten out of NY yet!!

Margaret said...

please move to idaho, you will never pay $1000 for ANYTHING...ok, maybe livestock or a tractor

Margaret said...
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Deborah said...

I love euphemisms like "cozy" in apt listings...

Whitney said...

Or lots of natural sunlight. If I hear about natural sunlight one more time....

Shaunel said...

Girl. Don't move to dc. We're sitting in the same boat. :) Good luck!