Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year

Remember my new year's resolution post last year? Of course you don't because I don't remember what you posted a year ago either.

Like every year, I forgot about my resolutions by March. But when I looked back at that post and reflected on the past year, I realized that I did some of the things I resolved to do:

I have tried to eat healthier. I now consume considerably less sugar than I used to. (Well, not counting the past week...)

I exercise more regularly and plan to continue to do that. (Thank you, Shape Up NYC for your free zumba class 2 times a week.)

My calling has allowed me to serve people.

I don't always have a book I'm reading, but I am reading more than I used to. I love curling up with a book while Blake naps. When I start a book I usually don't get anything else done until I finish it.

I'd say it's been a pretty good year for me! This year as far as resolutions go, I'm going to focus more on my family. This year our family will:

pray together each night
have family home evening each week
laugh more together

That's it. Sounds simple, but I know it will be a challenge because it's been a challenge this year. And even though I'll forget come March, hopefully by next December I'll be happy with how much our family has grown together.

Happy New Year!

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